What is the data centre and what is the best type for your company?

Certainly, anyone who has watched films like the 1999 Matrix, among others, may know what a data centre is. Or are you going to say that you don’t remember an epic Matrix scene, whose character Neo is placed inside a great learning machine? But if you haven’t watched it yet or don’t remember, don’t worry!

We will tell you what a data centre is and what the best type is for your company.

Know what a data centre is

The data centre is a place for processing and storing data. Some experts define a data centre as the brain of the organization

It concentrates a large amount of equipment that is used to process and store data. Depending on the size of the project, the equipment may have different sizes.

Therefore, conditioned to the size of the enterprise, a data centre can accommodate tens, hundreds or even thousands of servers and other equipment such as routers, switches, etc.

What is a data centre for, in addition to processing and storing data?

In general, as we said, a data centre is used to process and store data properly, quickly and reliably, so that the organization can use that data promptly. But not only that.

It also has the function of preventing an organization from having its services affected. Thus, it acts as a kind of support that guarantees continuity to the common services of a company, such as, for example, customer service, which requires consulting the database to verify information about it.

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Find out which type of data centre is best for your business

With the advancement of technology and computerization, there are currently several types of data centres on the market and each has a certain complexity. Check it out and find out which is the best for your company.

Datacentre – Multidisciplinary buildings

This is one of the most common models and is present in several companies. Having a smaller size, when compared, for example, to the type of mission-critical data centre, they can be designed inside the organization itself

Generally, it is isolated in a room called a safe room, thus preventing unauthorized people from having access to the equipment

It is indispensable for companies that operate with management systems, logistics, sales of products and services, etc.

Data Centre – Mission Critical

This model occupies entire buildings that are built precisely to accommodate them. The building’s environments are designed to ensure high efficiency for the data centre.

Generally, because it is a Data Processing Centre that costs a fortune, it is recommended for complex operations and whose main business is the services that a data centre can offer.

Prefabricated data centre

It is a data centre model previously manufactured. In this type, there are two options available: outdoor and indoor.

Both options can be installed in small spaces and less valued areas of the company, such as parking, for example.

It has the same functionality as the data centre models previously presented. However, it is distinguished because it is a type that can easily be moved from one place to another.

Also, they can be assembled in days, as they are tested by the companies that sell them. It is a suitable solution for small and medium businesses.

6 reasons to invest in Dedicated Servers.

A slow place makes the blood boil. And it is even worse when it is down.

Nobody wants the customer to have this negative experience. So, especially businesses that operate with a large amount of traffic, need to be aware to ensure that the band can handle a high number of visitors. For this, it is valued as the asset in the best dedicated server hosting uk.

A dedicated server is usually a powerful machine that serves as a server, that is, it controls access to a particular website. The difference is that it is yours alone, that way, the whole band and the power of this processor are intended only for a single site or group. Let’s look at certain of the rewards.

1 – High performance

As the server is yours alone, performance is fully guaranteed. Very powerful servers with, for example, up to 12 processors and 3TB of RAM, guarantee a very high power. This, combined with the exclusivity of the server to your website, produces broader bandwidth and greater storage space.

2 – Customization

It is not necessary to always use all this power. As the server will be designed exclusively for you and your business, it is possible to configure it to meet your needs according to the expected bandwidth demand.

This configuration can be done both in the hardware to be chosen, as well as configurations in the software. Besides, as the server’s only client, you can also update at the most convenient time.

3 – Security

Security is one of the most important points of a dedicated server. As there is no sharing between other sites, the information is only accessible to an administrator, in addition to the cheap email hosting company. The smaller the number of people who have access, the greater the security.

In terms of operation, Dedicated Servers have a well-designed system. The computers are located in refrigerated environments, with high availability of energy and internet connections.

Besides, all priority systems are applied with redundancy, that is, they have a spare component to replace the original in case of failure. The combination of these measures generates a minimum failure rate.

4 – Monitoring

Best email hosting companies that offer dedicated server colocation, such as Convex, are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that they are always on the lookout if there is a need for an update or correction in the system. The service is also there to answer any possible questions.

5 – The price

The hiring of dedicated servers has great cost-benefit. Maintaining an internal server generates huge expenses with hardware, maintenance, infrastructure, among others. A company dedicated to this service generates fewer expenses at an affordable price and fewer headaches.

6 – The national product

A Brazilian company generates less latency since the uk colocation server is closer. Besides, the quote is made in reads and, therefore, suffers fewer fluctuations.

The Dedicated Server is a great alternative for those who need a more powerful band. Quality, comfort, and safety make up a great investment.