Professional Email: Why should my company have it?

If you have a virtual company, have you ever wondered what the advantages of using a professional email are? This is one of the most common questions that hang in the head of anyone who has an online business. The use of a professional email has numerous benefits for your company, as well as a great possibility to increase your profits. If you were curious to know the importance of using a professional mail365, read this whole article and learn more about this important subject, but many people ignore it.

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Professional email:

A professional email is a communication and relationship tool with your customers and suppliers that comes with your company name and is based on text messages. Despite being considered old compared to other more modern tools, e-mail is still widely used and is one of the safest ways to exchange information between companies. A professional email adds several features such as contract registration, creating appointment schedules, document sharing, among many others.

Of course, a free email also offers these same features, but the big difference is that you use your company name and have more storage resources. The essence of professional email is communication and the relationship with customers and suppliers through its domain. In the business world, the company that uses a professional email is ahead in the face of such competition. Learn more about these and other subjects in advantages of Creating a Blog  

Limitations of not having a professional email

Today, several online companies use old, well-known free emails to communicate with their customers. The biggest problem is the limitations that using such a best email hosting brings to your company. If your store uses a free email address, in addition to not being credible, it is harder to find a short and easy name for people to understand. After all, thousands of people use free accounts like @Hotmail, @Gmail, @yahoo, among others and finding a suitable name that is not being used becomes a chore

Advantages of having a professional email

If your online store still doesn’t use professional email, you may be missing out on great opportunities to close a good deal. Discover now the advantages of professional email:

Credibility: a company that has its email domain gives the customer much more credibility, demonstrating that its enterprise is serious and organized. Your business name is stamped on your personal email hosting, which greatly increases the chances of sales. The rule is clear: the more credibility, the better for your company and it can only win.

Own email with flexibility: another importance of using professional email. Your company may have corporate emails personalized with your domain name, which also helps to make your online business look much more professional. Best of all, you can create as many email accounts as you like, if you have your domain.

Support: most of the time, e-mail is your company’s main form of communication with customers. But remember that you cannot be totally at the mercy of a service in which you cannot turn to the contractor if something unforeseen happens. When you have a professional cheapest email hosting, you have technical support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, which gives you much more peace of mind. Enjoy and read our post on Step by step to create your Blow

Greater reach on the internet: the big internet search engines, like Google, prioritize sites that have their domain. That way, when registering your company’s email domain, you will facilitate SEO work, optimize your website links and be found much more easily in search engines. The result? Your visitors will increase, as will several online business opportunities.

Your protected brand: Having your e-mail registration helps to safeguard your company’s brand and the entire reputation on the internet. This is a great guarantee that nobody with other intentions will use your company name on the web, besides you. If you use a free email domain, the chances of that happening are huge, given the millions of users who use email worldwide. Learn more about the services offered by our company in Website colocation hosting

Security: one more advantage of using a professional email. Your address will be much less likely to be considered spam and not reach its goal. Spams are very common today and if your company uses a free email domain, your entire sales campaign can go down the drain. There is tiny safety on the internet! You don’t want to see all your email marketing work go nowhere, right?

Easier access to the company’s website: if your customer receives emails from a company with his domain, he can discover your company’s website automatically. By simply sending a personalized e-mail, it is possible to memorize the website and then access it. The chances of selling increase exponentially.


If your virtual or physical company does not yet have a professional email address, it is best to think about it as soon as possible. Having your domain, in addition to all the advantages described above, is an important step to leverage your business and generate new sales strategies. It is worth mentioning that credibility on the internet is something valuable these days.