Drone Docking Station Market Trends and Research Insights by 2027 – Cumulative Impact of COVID-19

Drone Docking Station Market: Introduction

  • Drones are used for many commercial and recreational activities including photography and for aerial view images. Drones are used in applications such as construction, agriculture, security, and pipeline monitoring. The use of drones in all these applications needs longer airtime. However, the battery of drones lasts only for 20 to 30 minutes which makes its use cumbersome.
  • Drone docking station is a device which helps to charge the drone when it is on ground or midair. Drone docking stations can be battery powered, solar powered, or wirelessly powered. Drone docking stations are required by both people and businesses around the world.
  • The drone docking station market is expected to grow during the forecast period due to its wide range of applications and cost saving parameter.

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Key Drivers, Restraints, and Opportunities of the Global Drone Docking Station Market

  • Globalization has led to increase in the number of companies, industries, and commercial spaces. Growth in the business environment generates the need for various technologies. The drone docking station market is set to grow with the growth in its applications.
  • Drone technology is gaining immense popularity and the use of drones is becoming mainstream. Various charging options are available to keep the drone functioning. The traditional way of charging a drone was by using a battery. Common batteries used in a drone are lithium polymer batteries. However, batteries add to the overall weight of the drone, increases battery replacement cost, and is time consuming during important operations.
  • Solar powered charging is another method of charging the drones. This technology uses solar panels for charging, eliminating the use of power source. Also, with recent developments in technology, manufacturers are trying to install solar panels on the drone. The drawback in a solar panel drone is that solar panels can only be used on drones having wings. Wireless technology on the other hand, keeps charging the drone while hovering and provides longer flight time.
  • The other factor driving the drone docking station market is the rise in disposable income and changing lifestyle of people. Drone docking stations are used during weddings, events, movies, military operations etc. The rise in number of events and growth in end-use sectors globally is expected to drive the drone docking station market during the forecast period.

North America to Lead the Global Drone Docking Station Market

  • Geographically, the global drone docking station market can be divided into five regions: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Latin America.
  • R&D on drone docking stations is ongoing and many manufacturers are coming up with various solutions to make drone charging feasible. Global players are extending their cross border services and gaining a competitive edge.
  • North America is expected to lead the global drone docking station market during the forecast period. Middle East & Africa market also looks favorable due to rise in construction activities. Development of businesses in India, Canada, and Brazil is likely to create opportunities for the market. The government of India has lifted the ban on drones and India is projected to be an emerging market.

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Key Manufacturers Operating in the Global Drone Docking Station Market

Leading players operating in the global drone docking station market include:

  • Edronic
  • Bird Stop
  • Airscort Ltd.
  • Skysense
  • Skydio
  • Corvus Drones
  • H3 Dynamics
  • Humavox Ltd.
  • DroneMatrix
  • Aerovinci

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