8 Key Principles to Improve the Quality of Your Business Website Significantly

Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard
Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard

Your website works as a digital home for your business. It not only provides every relevant information about your business to potential customers but also allows you to get more customers by attracting traffic from several different sources. However, that happens only if your website has been built professionally. If it lacks various professional attributes, it won’t be able to serve any of its purposes properly. Which attributes they are, you may be wondering now. Don’t worry – that’s precisely what we’re going to learn in this article as we tell you about eight key principles that can improve your business website. Let’s get started:

1. Mobile-Friendly

Mobile-friendly design is the first requirement in today’s era for any business. It’s not a secret anymore that most people browse the web on mobile devices nowadays, so if your site is not optimized for mobile, then you’re at a major disadvantage. Ideally, you may want to consider building an app for your business because apps provide the best kind of user experience. But if that’s not possible, get your website designed with responsive design technology to ensure that it looks good on mobile devices. Also, don’t forget to check it on mobile screens of various sizes to find out what your site looks like. 

2. Meaningful Content

The content was the king, is the king, and will always remain the king when it comes to marketing. If your content sucks, there’s no way you can make a place for your business in this hyper-competitive world. Therefore, you must ensure that the content on your website is informative and professional. Many companies run blogs related to their industry nowadays so they can generate meaningful content that attracts customers to their brand. You too can consider that option if you can plan it strategically according to your company’s objectives and marketing strategy. 

3. Professional Design

Design is unarguably the first thing that catches the eye of a visitor when he/she arrives on your website. If the design of your site is not professional that people will leave even before they notice what you have to offer. So, you must take the help of professionals and experienced designers while building your website. By doing this, you’ll be able to improve the user experience of your site significantly.  

4. SSL Security

Security is a significant factor for any business website today. If your website is not secure, there’s a perfect chance that people won’t be doing business with you because nowadays it has become effortless to spot websites that are not secure. For example, websites that load over default HTTP protocol are marked as ‘Not Secure’ by Google. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance that your website is loading over HTTPS. To ensure that you need to install an SSL certificate on your web server, which is the first thing you should do to keep your site protected. If you don’t know about which company’s SSL certificate to install, you need to contact SSL provider about your requirement. Multiple SSL types are there to fulfill your requirement. For instance, comodo positivessl wildcard certificate is a great option if you wish to secure multiple subdomains of same level.

5. Optimize each page for Search Engines

Optimizing your web pages for search engines is also important if you want to attract some meaningful traffic in today’s era. Put proper meta tags and descriptions in place across your web pages. Also, insert proper descriptions and alt tags in all your images. Your URLs should also be optimized according to the keywords you’re trying to target. These are just a few of the important on-page SEO tasks that you can do. For proper implementation of all SEO related tasks, you should hire a digital marketer who has the experience of SEO. 

6. Fast loading pages

If your website loads slowly, a lot of people will leave it even before it has loaded. Nobody likes waiting in today’s era, and that applies in case of websites too. If your website is slow, there’s a good chance that it won’t even rank high in SERPs. Therefore, first, you won’t be getting the visitors you deserve, and even those which you get somehow will be leaving your site quickly. So it would help if you tried to increase the speed of your website by reducing the size of images with the help of compression, reducing the number of JavaScript in your pages and using cache plugins to create a copy of your site that loads quickly. Fancy elements like background videos are also better to avoid, because they increase the size of your web pages, thus making them slow to load. 

7. Browser Consistency

Browser consistency refers to the consistent experience across different web browsers and screen sizes. You should design your site in such a way that it provides the same kind of experience across various web browsers. This consistency of experience allows your customers to visit your website using any web browser without having to worry about what sort of experience they’ll get, whether it’ll load properly or not, etc. It’s another part of the professional web design. 

8. Try to make the graphics go well together

Finally, the graphics and images you use should go well along with the content of your site. Irrelevant or misplaces images give vibes of amateur web design, which is not something you must avoid looking professional and serious about your business. On every page, you should only use those images that fit with the content of that page, instead of using standard stock images that are available for free on the internet. If possible, get your images designed for yourself. If you don’t have the kind of budget to afford it, choose only relevant images from sites like Pixabay. 


These eight steps can make your website look and feel professional in every way. You’ll be able to see the change yourself in your digital marketing statistics once you implement them. So, without waiting much, apply them and do let us know your thoughts and experience in the comments section below.