How to Make the Most out of Gym Equipment?

No one wishes to hit the gym without wanting to get 100% out of every hard-earned bead of

sweat. However, this desire can be beneficial if you devise the best strategies that will help you

make the most out of your routine exercise.

We have compiled a list of ten ways to make the most out of your gym equipment through the

commercial gym equipment from HF lifestyle. We hope that at the end of this article, there will

be an immense improvement as you exercise. Below is the list:

1. Lift Weights

Aside from cardio, it would be best if you learned to lift weights. This exercise is seen as a

resistance training that helps to build your muscles and also increases your metabolic rate.

Research has shown those individuals who spend just 20 minutes a day lifting weights gain less

abdominal fat over 12 years when compared to those who spend the exact amount of time

performing cardio exercises.

2. Listen to Music

Those who exercise will agree with me that their favorite tunes help to fire them during work

out. More so, music boosts the hormones levels of the body (serotine and dopamine), which are

known to foster recovery. We recommend that you listen to a few of your favorite most relaxing

tracks as soon as you finish work out. This will help to quickly get your heart rate and blood

pressure back to normal.

3. Change Normal Stretching to a Dynamic Warm-up

When you change regular stretching to a dynamic warm-up, it helps to increase your blood flow

and as well improve your range of motion with affecting the elastic properties of your muscles

and tendons. We, therefore, encourage you always to spend some time performing any dynamic

warm-up before any proper exercise as it will help you to perform better.

4. Preface your Workout with Carbs

Carbs are primarily your body's fuel for any high-intensity workout. More so, when you

consume carbs before any intense exercise, you get better effort and value, both in the calories

you burn and muscle growth. We recommend you eat some carbs before you out to the gym for

your daily workout, especially in the morning.

5. Do Intervals

When you work out at high-intensity intervals, it results in more cardiovascular and weight-loss

benefits as compared to any other method of workout. Research shows that individuals who

perform 20 minutes’ interval workout with exercises burn an average of 15 minutes per minute,

which is almost double of long runs.

6. Drink Water

When you don't consume a lot of water before you go to the gym, your workout feels tougher,

your performance reduces, and your body’s ability to recover when you done gyming is very

slow. Therefore, we recommend that you drink about half to one pound of water per day, and

drink enough water during your workout sessions to replace any fluid you have lost.

7. Sleep Well at Night

The quality time you give to sleep is very vital in getting the most out of the time you spend at

the gym daily. Once to fail to sleep well, it hinders your performance and the ability to recover

after every workout quickly. More so, we recommend that you sleep for about seven to nine

hours every night for the best gym experiences.

8. Get a Cardio Partner

There's always motivation when you exercise with a partner when compared to a solo exercise. A

partner pushes you to perform at your best and still makes workouts seem easier and less

stressful. This makes you exercise longer and even harder. Hence, it gets the most out of you

anytime you visit the gym.

9. Always Eat Protein Before Sleeping

Protein aids in the building back of your muscles after every workout session. Therefore, build

back your muscles with casein proteins like cheese, Greek yogurt, and so on.

10. Drink Chocolate Milk

The protein in milk stimulates muscle repairs as carbohydrates deplete your energy stores. After

a very high-intensity workout, go for a glass of chocolate milk and enjoy the outcome.