Habits that Can Make Your Acne Worse

A face full of acne marks is your worst nightmare, irrespective of age. For women and teenaged girls, the shock level is slightly higher because a pretty face is always appreciated. But acne does not leave the face as it was and worse are the pimple scars that follow soon enough. But if you forgo certain makeup habits and use no scars facewash for pimples on a daily basis then it is easy enough to handle.

Drop the following habits

  • New products each week: Some people have the habit of trying out new products from time to time without giving the particular product time to work its magic. Every product needs at least 6-8 weeks to show some kind of improvement. Here patience is the main key! Before trying out any other product a certain time should be given. Also, it is advisable to use a product that is recommended by a qualified dermatologist.
  • Applying medication on the blemish only: This is one of the biggest mistakes done by people. It makes sense to apply medicine on the pimples that you can see but what about those that are waiting to erupt soon enough. It is best to apply a layer of the medicine on the areas which have not been affected by the pimples as well. This can help in the prevention of further pimples.
  • Using makeup that causes acne: The ingredients used in the creation of a product should always be checked. Some haircare, skin care and make up products contain ingredients that causes acne. This is why it is best to do a patch test before actually starting work with the product. If the skin feels irritated and you can see any blemish then it does not make sense to continue the use. Check out the ingredients being used in the products and look for words like ‘non-comedogenic’. Such products are considered safe for use by people of all skin types.
  • Sharing makeup is a bad idea: Sometimes you may be forced to share makeup products and applicators with friends. But that should be avoided strictly. It leads to sharing of dead skin cells, bacteria and oil. When one person shares the applicators and make up items with another one the bacteria gets transferred as well. It clogs the pores on the skin and causes acne outbreaks. The right thing to do, however, is not sharing such products.
  • Forgetting to remove makeup: Late-night parties often ensure that you sleep with your makeup on. But that can be very dangerous. The particles of the makeup clog the pores of the skin and affect the skin quality. Try washing your face before going to bed after checking the no scars facewash price.
  • Facial scrubbing: If the face is full of pimples, you may feel like scrubbing all of them clean. But that will result in a major distress to the skin. The skin will get angry red patches and flare up the acnes.
  • Squeeze the pimples: Squeezing the pimples from your face seems like a good idea to get rid of them but that does not really happen. Instead the pimples spread hugely.