5 Apps For Anyone Who Wants To Learn Music Or Play An Instrument:

If you’ve always wanted to play an instrument but never had the courage (or money) to enroll in a specialized school, there are some apps that can help you take your first steps in the world of music or put into practice lessons that you didn’t have for a long time, without having to leave the house.

Some apps come with well-explained video lessons and allow you to purchase extra tutorials within the app itself. You can even learn by playing your favorite songs.

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So, we made a list with 6 tools for you to learn music at a low cost and get a sense of what it is like to play a certain instrument.

  1. Guitar Lessons Beginner:

Guitar Lessons Beginner aims to teach you how to play the guitar using a visual method. There are no classes, music theory, tablatures, or figures.

With it, the user learns to play music through videos that show the instrument being played at the top, and at the bottom a scheme of how the fingers should be positioned.

  1. Real Drum:

Real Drum is completely free and comes with 60 drum lessons that teach you to play various rhythms and 24 songs to play along with.

To learn it is not necessary to have a battery, as the app simulates a real battery on the device’s screen: just touch your fingers on the device’s screen and the sound is played on the spot.

You can even change cymbals and add percussion instruments to your virtual drums.

  1. iLearnPiano:

ILearnPiano comes with 50 piano lessons for those who want to learn to play the instrument or for those who have not practiced in a long time.

In the lessons, it is possible to find music tutorials, techniques, and a long content of music theory so as not to be left behind in the scores. The content is in the English language and it is only available for iOS.

  1. Drum Guru:

Drum Guru comes with several lessons for anyone who plays or wants to learn to play the drums. They all come in videos that can be found for all levels of learning.

The lessons teach you to play various styles of music and come along with transcripts that can be accessed along with the videos, which are divided into separately charged packages. The drummers who teach the app are one of the highlights of Drum Guru and it is available in English.

  1. Perfect Piano:

Perfect Piano simulates a keyboard on your smartphone and comes with 70 sample songs to teach you how to play.

It has three keyboard modes: single-line mode, double line mode, and two-player mode. Users can adjust the width of the keys and record or play what they play.