How to play International Lotteries at Lottoland from India?

International lotteries are gaining popularity these days.

With easy access to international lotteries on online sites, people worldwide are eager how to play and win jackpots. These are easy to play online. With a click of a button, you can easily buy tickets and let your luck do the trick.

These lotteries offer huge sums of money and what is more?

You are entitled to the entire amount you win! It is transferred to your account with no fees/commission applied.

Some famous international lotteries areĀ 

These are frequently played worldwide by Indians and foreigners. Moreover, it is legal from India.

Can I play international legally from India?

When it comes to physical gambling, there are different restrictions in comparison to playing online.

Hence Indians choose online as it is not illegal as well as many companies print tickets within the states. But Indian lotteries are nowhere close to international ones.

In India when you gamble, you expose yourself to risks. You can either be fined or land up in jail if you do not stick to the rules.

  • With online lotteries being legal in nature, it is the only way for you to try your luck with numbers and become a winner from India.

Not all lotteries are legalized in India. When you sign up and make an account to play online, you are not breaking any gambling regulations. The sites listed below are legalized and one can be sure and safe to play on these in India:

  1. Lottoland
  2. LottoThrill
  3. MultiLotto
  4. Lotto247
  5. LottoAgent

Worldwide online lotto sites disallow you to break laws. No Indian laws govern these sites. They are controlled solely by their parent countries from where the lottery has been initiated.

International lotteries make playing easy without legal restrictions or outdated laws.

How can Indians purchase lotto tickets online via Lottoland?

Anyone can buy tickets as there are no restrictions on playing online.

Being legalized, sites like Lottoland make it convenient for Indians. The complete Lottoland Asia review you can read here.

Suppose your state has banned lottery playing, you can still buy tickets from international sites.

You will not be penalized if you play or choose to do so.


Is it safe to play online?

It is very safe to play lotteries on LottoLand. With their secure services, you can play internationally online from India.

It is legally recognized and legit. The UK Gambling Commission and the Irish National Excise license Office regulate LottoLand.


This private company located in Gibraltar has an extensive service for offering Indians chances to play and win big.

  • LottoLand was established in 2013.
  • Online lottery site and casino operator.
  • Best site for Indians to play.
  • Saves Indians from scams.
  • Offers many jackpot games.
  • Have many international lotteries on the site.
  • Ensures quick withdrawals.
  • Separate website for Asian players, especially Indians.
  • Offer promotions with ongoing campaigns.
  • Quick response by customer service
  • Additional email support facility on website.
  • Have a responsible gambling feature like no other site.

Hop onto the bandwagon of playing an international lottery online on LottoLand today!