Why You Should Be Using Bamboo Toilet Paper

Through the years, many household products have undergone major redesigns to be better for the environment. Popular environmentally-friendly products include reusable or biodegradable cleaning materials for household needs. And, bamboo toilet paper is a prime example.


When thinking about toilet paper, not much has changed in terms of texture, use, or design since its invention.


Toilet paper was patented in 1891 by American inventor Joseph Gayetty to combat his personal hygiene problems (hemorrhoids, for the curious). Since people back in Thomas Gayetty’s time were using, and getting creative with, whatever was in reach to clean themselves up (think shells, coconuts and leaves).


As we all know now, this invention changed cleaning forever and became extremely popular. Gayetty set into motion a new and convenient product to improve our hygiene and health, especially in a time when people were starting to notice they needed to pay attention.


To address the various issues with using traditional toilet paper, alternate types of toilet paper entered the market.


Today’s wipers expect more for their hygiene and toilet needs. Bamboo toilet paper is here to fix that.


Bamboo toilet paper is the call to action to change up the toilet paper game for the better.


Also, bamboo toilet paper boasts many cool and unique qualities such as being an eco-friendly product, having superior texture, being sourced from an abundant plant for growing, has the science of softness and won’t break the bank when switching over from other toilet paper that doesn’t cut (or wipe) the mustard.


With a recent push for more eco-friendly products that make you and the environment feel better about our carbon footprints, consider the following as huge benefits to switching over to eco-friendly bamboo toilet paper:

Better for the Environment

Biodegradable toilet paper made from bamboo means not only is it grown from the earth but goes right back to it after your disposal.


Deforestation of hardwood trees is a major issue and causes significant issues with not only the ecosystem upset but releases way more carbon into the environment than needed, which causes global warming. Using bamboo toilet paper is win-win for you and the fight against climate change.

Reliable Texture

Bamboo is made from naturally strong plant fibers meaning bamboo toilet paper will get all of the toughest jobs done. You need strong toilet paper for you and your guests.


Bamboo is naturally designed to work hard so you can always depend on it for all your toilet paper needs. Fun fact: bamboo is comparable to steel grade products due to its tensile strength.

Sustainability for the Win

The bamboo plant itself is rapidly growing and can be harvested sooner than traditional hardwood used in other types of toilet paper.


Bamboo is grown and harvested all over the world, particularly in Asia, Africa and even in the Americas. Because of its versatility and ability to grow in different tropical and subtropical places across the world, bamboo harvests are plenty and won’t be stopping anytime soon.

Exceptional Softness

Bamboo is naturally softer than traditional hardwood and also cooler to the touch. The softness breakdown and engineering includes two types of fibers; chemical and mechanical.


The chemical component is viscose, which is a fancy word for the soft fibers components. The viscose chemicals are then forced through spinneret (just like how spiders make webs) nozzles to make those extra soft fibers for that gentle feeling.


You can feel comfort in knowing bamboo toilet paper is as soft as tissues for any part of the body and the science to back up the softness.

A Budget-Friendly Toilet Paper

Even with all of these benefits, bamboo toilet paper is more budget friendly so the added benefits won’t add on to your wallet. Other toilet papers, especially name brands, boast similar benefits but don’t cut down on the costs.


With bamboo toilet paper, you know you will get superior quality at half the cost of the competitor’s prices. It pays to switch to bamboo toilet paper.

Use Bamboo Toilet Paper

Plain and simple, bamboo toilet paper is the best option out there for your toilet paper needs without skimping out on your standard of quality or costs.


In addition to all of these amazing benefits, bamboo toilet paper absorbs the villain chemical compound of climate change, aka the dreaded carbon dioxide, and releases 30% more oxygen back into mother earth making us all more happy and healthy. Eco-conscious toilet paper is the way of the future.


Not only are you reaping numerous benefits, but you’re also acting as superhero for the Earth by supporting the bamboo industry.


And c’mon—who doesn’t want to be a superhero, especially for the Earth? Make the switch to bamboo toilet paper and you will see and experience improvement in your quality of life while helping the environment.