Why the Type of Wooden Cloth Hangers Matter

Why the Type of Wooden Cloth Hangers Matter

Unless you work in retail clothing, fashion, home organization business, there’s always a good chance that you don’t give much attention to the wooden cloth hangers or any type of hangers that you use. Everyone uses cloth hangers in their daily routine, from storing the apparel to the stuffing of all your amazing dresses. 

That’s why it’s even more curious, why people don’t pay much attention to the type of hangers they use in their wardrobe. There are lots of people who use solid wood hangers. But, the thing that you need to understand is that no matter the type of hanger you use, proper care and attention must be paid to this part of the closet. Most of the clothes are readily available and are quite cheap, so people don’t prefer to use wood hangers with gold hooks for them. 

However, it’s not the quality of the cloth, but there are many other things like cleanliness and systematic planning of the wardrobe that has to be taken care of. Cheap plastic hangers might not burn a hole in your pocket, but they’re ultimately one of the worst decisions that you’ve made in your life. 

Apart from this, a high-quality wood suit hanger with locking bar is a lifetime investment, if you’re interested in keeping a check on all your garments and apparel. The best quality cloth hangers are definitely going to help you out in the systematic organization of your wardrobe. Even all those free wire hangers that you might have got from the dry cleaners over the years are also very functional and you must not throw them away in any case. There’s always a limitation of purchasing cheap plastic hangers. Always rely on the wooden hangers that are affordable and awesome. 

Pitfalls of using plastic hangers

  • They’re quite flimsy and will stay with you for a short time. They’re disposable.
  • They are not very good when it comes to maintaining the shape of the garments and this shortens the lifespan of the clothing itself. 
  • They are more prone to slipping the clothes out of the wardrobe. 
  • You’ll have a mismatched closet look with these hangers. 

Pitfalls of using the wire cloth hangers

Even the cheap quality wire hangers share the same downsides. Some of them include the following- 

  • They’re pliable and cause the wire hangers to reduce the lifespan. 
  • They are not ideal because they don’t provide long term storage when it comes to maintaining different garment shapes. 
  • They rust and damage the clothing as well. Clothes usually slip off because of their slippery metal. 

Due to all these reasons, wire and plastic hangers are not preferred by many customers. It’s not good when it comes to the best interest of your clothing. 

Premium Wood Hangers – The Best Choice 

Aside from the wire and plastic hangers, velvet hangers are an additional option because of the innumerable advantages it offers to the customers. Whenever it comes to hanging storage for your garments, the wooden hangers are always the best choice. 

This is because of the following reasons –

  • They’re sturdy and don’t bend easily. It keeps your garment structure intact. 
  • They last for a lifetime and provide a better value.
  • They have an intricate and stronger design that allows you to store heavier items like jackets, winter clothes, gowns, jeans, and so on.  
  • They have far better looks than that of the plastic and wire hangers.

These offer special innovative features like notches that keep the clothing intact with the straps. Your garments will be secure with the velvet hangers. No wrinkles or creases on your garments. 

To briefly conclude, you must make the best choice when it comes to your garments as this is going to help you out in the long run. 

Make your closet systematic with wooden hangers!