4 Classic Timepieces You Need To Have In Your Collection

Every watch collector has at least a timepiece that they really want. It may be a classic Rolex, or a special edition Breitling – no matter the model and the brand is, the point is, getting this particular watch is one of the peak moments of an enthusiast’s life. But what are the classics which every collector should have?

Well, in this article, we’ve collated four classic watches, which we think every collector should add to their list of must-buys. These are watches that have stood the test of time, recalibrated, and updated every now and then to be the best versions of the model. Depending on the brand’s vision, of course. Here are the best classic timepieces that you need to check out:

Hamilton Jazzmaster

The Hamilton Jazzmaster is a stunning piece of watch. There are a few lines inside the collection, but the Open Heart Auto takes the cake in looks and specs. Under the hood, you get an in-house caliber H-10, which has a three-hand movement with a power reserve of  80 hours. That directly translates to three days and a half, which means you can put the watch down on the weekend, and it still is beating when you pick it up the next Monday.

Case material for the Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart Auto is stainless steel, with a sapphire crystal on top. The strap is premium calf-leather fashioned in a folding clasp. There are two colors here to choose from, but the one in gold finish will surely turn heads. Don’t get us wrong, the stainless steel is classic-looking, but the former decidedly has more pizazz.

Omega Seamaster 300m

Every watch enthusiast in the world knows about the Seamaster 300m. A staple from stalwart Omega, the Seamaster is not the most popular of watches on the brand’s mantle, but what it has is the power of always being connected to the inimitable James Bond franchise. The latest iteration of the Seamaster 300m is a reflection of how Omega has improved its stylistic choices to connect to a more millennial and informed customer base.

You can’t go wrong with a Seamaster in your wrist, that much is true. But for the spec monsters out there, the watch carries Omega 8400, a self-winding movement with a co-axial escapement. It has 60 hours of power reserve and the standard 300m water-resistance. The case back is transparent, as is most Omega watches these days, with an anti-magnetic feature as well as a chronometer. Honestly, you can’t find a better diver’s watch than this.

Rolex Submariner

To say that the Rolex submariner is a classic is an understatement. The Submariner has been Rolex’s diver’s watch since its conception. Touted as the reference to most diver’s watches nowadays, the latest iteration of the Submariner is an orgasmic blend of Rolex’s proprietary materials and over the top stylistic choices. This is the watch to get when you want to stand out.

The Submariner Date in Oystersteel and yellow gold is as ostentatious as they come, with a bright blue dial that extends to the unidirectional rotatable bezel. The ceramic bezel is particularly made for underwater visibility, plus the cyclops lens which is a signature Rolex feature keeps the date function on top of the watch’s interface.

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms

Blancpain may not be the most popular when it comes to marketing their timepieces, but what the company has is a deep knowledge of how to make top of the line watches. The Fifty Fathoms collection is the company’s attempt on a diver’s watch, and after a few decades of carefully honing this masterpiece, the latest iteration is instantly a classic.

The Bathyscape, in particular, is not what you expect from a diver’s watch, with a stunning black dial with a 4th-hour date positioning. It carries a caliber automatic movement, with a power reserve of 120 hours. The satin-brushed steel strap completes the package to make a watch so unique-looking, it certainly will be a conversation starter.


There’s something about the classics that exudes timelessness. These watches aren’t just pieces of art; they’re a piece of history. So if you are planning to invest in one, you’ll need to save up for it – if you want to get brand new ones. Of course, you can scour your favorite watch repositories for second-hand deals. But still, expect to pay quite a sum.