The popularity and power of emojis encompass almost all aspects of digital life. Right now, even social media marketers are now incorporating emojis in their campaigns. It’s because they see the use of emojis as a great means to boost audience engagement, especially the millennial generation.

Statistics show that you can increase audience engagement in Twitter by 25% if you include emojis in your tweets. Your Facebook followers are also more likely to like, share, or comment on your posts if you incorporate emojis in them.

But, it doesn’t automatically mean that when you use emojis in your social media posts, you’ll now reap the benefits just mentioned. Of course, you need to know the effective ways on how to do that. So, take note of these following tips for that purpose.

Study the Meaning of a Particular Emoji

Many people don’t know what’s the meaning behind a particular emoji. If you commit such mistakes, instead of winning your audience’s hearts, there’s a high chance that you’ll lose them. That’s why you should study the origin and meaning of an emoji before using it on your social media marketing.

Moreover, don’t look for just one meaning of an emoji. For instance, the eye emoji can mean different things in different contexts. It may symbolize that you’re inviting your audience to see something, or it may mean that you’re keeping an eye on someone.

Stay updated with the meanings and news about emojis so that you can use them in the right context.

Use Emojis to Talk about Your Brand

Using emojis in your Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook posts is the new “cool” nowadays because a lot of people in social media are also using them. It creates an impression that you’re connecting with them, and it displays the human element of your business.


Once your audience feels this connection, it’s likely that they will engage more with your tweets and posts and talk about your brand. So, always keep in mind that emojis have the power to connect with your audience and boost your social media engagement.

Use Custom Emojis Effectively

Aside from the world standard emojis provided by the Unicode Consortium, you can also develop emojis that are specifically made for your marketing campaigns. For sure, custom-made emojis are unique, but it’s a must that you utilize them on your social media posts effectively.


One thing to keep in mind is that you should only use them on special social media posts. Don’t make them too commonplace by placing them on all of your social media interactions. It’s advisable to use custom-made emojis to support a social cause or something that can have a positive impact on the lives of your target audience.


The World Wildlife Fund has done something of the like when they encourage Twitter users to use emojis representing the image of endangered animals. For every endangered animal emoji you incorporate in your Tweet, you help save the real-life animal represented in that emoji.

Create an Interactive Experience When Using Emojis

Yes, you can use emojis to provide an interactive experience among your followers on social media. Having something interactive to do in social media is what most users want. As a social media marketer, you have to give them what they’re looking for.


One excellent idea to make the social media experience of your target audience more interactive is to set a mini-game. For example, you can request them to guess what a particular emoji combination means. And whoever makes the correct guess wins a prize. This strategy is sure to take your audience engagement to the next level.

Be Responsible When Using Emojis

Not all situations require you to use emojis. For example, it’s a bit off to use emojis in a professional context unless it’s called for. Moreover, avoid using emojis that have offensive connotations, especially if you’re doing it for marketing, because this can leave a bad taste on your social media followers.


Emojis can be a great help for social media marketers. When you use emojis in your marketing campaigns, chances are you can strike a connection with your target audience and boost your social media engagement. Keep in mind the tips mentioned in this blog post to learn how to incorporate emojis in your social media campaigns.