Alana Luv is a stunning MILF adult actress of Russian origin who resides in Brooklyn and is actually nominated for the AVN (Adult Video News) Fan Award for Hottest MILF. Before joining the adult entertainment industry, Alana worked in banking, was a marketing director for many New York City nightclubs, and worked for Dennis Hof at the notorious Bunny Ranch in Reno, NV.

In less than five years, she’s been one to watch, and she’s known for her on-screen love and stellar oral abilities at Reality Kings, Adult  Pros, Dream Massage, Deadly Hardcore, Black on Blondes, Addie Andrews Buzz Aziani, and much more.

Alana is also a favorite of Airerose Entertainment and scored two solo covers for the blockbusters “MILF Passion” and “Gym Cuties.” Alana strives tirelessly to debunk the stereotypes about what kind of women (and guys) are adult entertainers and sat down with Social Underground to offer some useful relationship tips to men and women who have always wondered what it’s like to date an adult star.

  1. We Love Romance: Like anyone else in the country, adult stars are searching for true love. I’m a lifelong romantic, and one day I’d love to get married and have children. Don’t worry about it either because we sexually entertain people for a living because we don’t desire the same stuff that anyone else does. Ideally, I’d love to have children, but I’m going to be content with everything life gives me.
  1. We’re homebodies: since a number of us are on the road of dancing and party performances, we also treasure our downtime. My dream date wouldn’t be a night in downtown, or even a fancy restaurant.

    My dream date is to chill at home, eat a soda, watch a movie, and just enjoy spending time together. It’s the nature of our relation, not how much you pay. As the Prince Song states, “I just want your extra time and your kiss.”

  1. We are proud of becoming monogamous and demand the same from you: I have sex with other men and women on tape, and I enjoy what I do, but that’s just my role, and it’s a job like any other and the people I have sex with are my co-workers.

    There’s nothing romantic going on for us at all. This doesn’t mean that my wife will have sex with other women. It’s not saying, “You’re having sex with other people, so I’m going to have sex with other people, too.” While I’m in love, I don’t want to sleep with someone else and it hurt my heart to know the feeling wasn’t reciprocal. Don’t use my work as an opportunity to cheat on me.

  1. We’re not wealthy: a lot of people believe that all adult stars are rich, but nothing can be farther from the facts. The industry has changed too much, nobody pays for adults anymore, and when the sex industry becomes more popular, the number of people coming into it is at an all-time high, and that’s why we’re working so hard on the profits. People think that I’m rich as hell, but I don’t know who’s false and just searching for a Sugar Mama, and who’s genuine and just likes me. But by the end of the day, you’ll figure out who’s true and who isn’t.
  1. We’re not trying to make your wildest romantic dreams come true: don’t think we’re going to have threesomes as part of our daily sex rotation. While we’re definitely sexually curious and have had a lot of great encounters, that doesn’t imply we’re going to expose you to the world of orgies and swinging.

    Whenever I was asked to meet up with a three-way adult star, particularly early in my relationship, I don’t think I’m good enough for you? Do I not please you with that? Why do you think we’re just sleeping out of work with each other? Ironically, it’s sort of a bone breaker for me.

  1. We treasure honesty: adult stars are some of the true, most truthful people you’ll ever encounter. You really know where you’re at for us and what’s going on in our heads. So don’t tell you’re great with dating anyone in the business, and then the second one we’ve got a case to label me a whore.

    I realize what I’m doing for a living thing, and I’m not a whore. I am human and I have a conscience, and if I think for you, what I want is your time, your commitment, and your understanding. If you can’t manage to realize that there are adult videos that I’m looking at where I’ve got a dick in my butt and a cock in my vagina, so don’t ask me out on a date, and later, until the novelty is gone, chuck it in my face.