Through Physical Therapy  , sequelae of a disease can be avoided, cured and prevented, in addition to expanding its techniques and treatments towards multiple disease states that human beings can present in different parts of the body.

Physiotherapy is based on  scientific bases  to provide the patient with an adequate treatment that is effective to cure the evil that is affecting the patient’s health. Within its means it uses physical agents such as: heat, cold, water, electricity, among others, and mechanical agents such as: human movement, therapeutic exercise and massage.

It is then that Physical Therapy is a  key and essential means for the maximum rehabilitation achievable by the patient according to the injury that he presents.

At the Santa Teresa Medical Center we offer you the Physical Therapy service. We have the best equipment and infrastructure in the Caribbean, with a professional and trained human team for this type of therapy. We have financing with Coopenae, the National Bank and Rate O from Credomatic.

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Making the decision to start psychological therapy is not easy; It normally involves a process in which the person realizes that this emotional discomfort, which at first thought would disappear with time, gradually becomes more persistent; and begins to recognize that their resources are no longer sufficient to deal with the situation.

The goal of psychological therapy is to increase the autonomy of the person; providing the necessary tools and resources to better cope with those situations that it encounters and that are difficult to manage on its own; and therefore, that he can handle himself successfully in daily difficulties.

In this sense, prevention takes on special importance; It is no longer necessary to present a psychological disorder to be able to obtain the benefits of psychological therapy , but in certain stages of our lives we can count on the help of a professional to overcome a bad moment; or if we want to improve some aspect of our way of acting, such as social skills to enjoy more satisfactory personal relationships.

There are some changes in our emotional well-being that should be taken into account when consulting with a specialist; it would be advisable to do it when we observe:

  • Inability to enjoy life as before.
  • Major changes in sleeping or eating patterns.
  • Constant presence of unpleasant emotions.
  • Increased aggressiveness or irritability.
  • Feeling that problems overwhelm you, and you feel unable to solve them.
  • Deterioration in your personal relationships: family, partner, friends …

In general, if you have discomfort or concern that causes you suffering over time, and limits you on a day-to-day basis, it would be advisable to seek professional advice; and find out about the best options to solve what worries you.

Psychological therapy gives you the opportunity to learn new tools that will allow you to face and overcome daily difficulties; obtaining benefits that will be reflected in your emotional well-being.

Some of the benefits of psychological therapy that I consider most important are:

1.- Taking care of your psychological and emotional health.

By starting a psychological therapy you commit to start taking care of yourself, to prioritize your health; the time of each session implies a moment and space just for you, in which you will learn to listen and know your needs; frequently forgotten by the current rhythm of life, in which our care is relegated to the background.

2.- Self-knowledge.

Psychological therapy allows you to get to know yourself better; which is essential to be able to regulate emotions, relate to others and work to achieve your goals.

Developing self-knowledge is the starting point to improve emotional and psychological well-being; Those who know each other well know how to manage their emotions, without becoming destabilized even in the most difficult moments.

3.- Personal empowerment.

Through the therapeutic process you will regain control of your own life. You will learn useful tools that will not only allow you to solve current problems but also those that may appear in the future; you will develop skills to function in a healthy and adaptive way in your environment; In short, you will take strategies that will allow you to be stronger and stand up for yourself in the face of adversity.

4.- Change of perspective.

Psychological therapy provides you with a broader and more objective perspective on what is happening to you; In this way, you will be able to become aware of what factors and circumstances are influencing your emotional distress; which will allow you to implement more effective alternative solutions.

5.- Improvement of personal relationships.

During therapy you can learn and train in strategies and skills that allow you to improve your social competence; and thus to be able to face social situations more effectively; and therefore, enjoy more satisfying relationships with others.

To summarize, psychological therapy is recommended in any situation in which support is required to overcome a moment of crisis; to define our problems and identify our goals and objectives; and above all, when we start to get them.

One of the greatest benefits of psychological therapy is that you will take with you the tools that you have acquired during the therapeutic process; since once learned they will become part of your new way of facing the difficulties of the day to day.

If you have any questions you want to ask me, or think that someone close to you could benefit from psychological therapy, do not hesitate to contact me ; I will be happy to answer your questions.

Usefulness of family therapies

The main benefit of family therapy is that it can be of great help in improving communication between parents and children and also between siblings or between spouses. From here, alone or in combination with other methods, it can be of great help in solving individual psychological or behavioral problems .

Family therapy is especially helpful when the goal is to improve the ability of family members to support each other.  By using support resources more efficiently, this type of therapy can be key to managing stressful life events such as: a bullying situation in the school environment, addiction problems (drugs, alcohol, games, technologies), a disease serious death or the death of a family member.

Another benefit is enhancing the function of belonging that the family already has . With a good therapist specialized in family therapy it is possible to give a greater sense to this belonging and increase your possibilities of individualizing each of its members. This means that within the family context the person, and especially the child or adolescent, learns to be independent, to have confidence in himself and to acquire the essential tools to cope with the problems and crises of life.

To get an exact idea of ​​the capital importance of family therapy, we cannot lose sight of the fact that the family is precisely considered in most societies as the most important pillar on which the individual growth and development of a person is based , thus like their roles, duties, values, beliefs and principles.