What to Do Before you File a Truvada Lawsuit

Truvada Lawsuit
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If you have been injured after taking the prescription medicine Truvada, you can pursue compensation for the financial losses. It is important to know what you must do before you file a lawsuit with our Truvada lawyer to ease your concerns and get guidance when you start the process.

Know What to Do Before Filing a Truvada Lawsuit

Your first step is to learn about the medication and the reasons victims are pursuing a claim against the developer of the drug Gilead Sciences.

Truvada has tenofovir disoproxil fumarate or TDF, which is directly associated with bone and kidney damage to patients who take part of their HIV, hepatitis B, and AIDS treatment and prevention plan. The lawsuit filed against the company alleges that it was aware of the health consequences of Truvada; however, they did not try to warn patients or doctors of them.

Confirm your Diagnosis with a Doctor

Visit your primary care provider to have the necessary tests performed to evaluate your health and wellbeing. Your doctor can further provide insight as to the possible cause of a positive diagnosis and the outlook for your health in the future. Thus, they can start treating you while they create the necessary medical records that support your injury claims in civil court.

Keep Records of your Related Expenses

If you are suffering from bone and kidney issues associated with the use of Truvada, you may get bills, invoices, and statements. You must keep a copy of these documents as you will use them to prove your financial losses during your lawsuit. Also, make sure to keep receipts of out-of-pocket expenses.

Talk to your Attorney

Meet with your Truvada attorney and discuss the details of your health and experience when you use Truvada and other TDF medications. Your lawyer will work with you to come up with a case strategy that fits your legal needs while offering legal counsel throughout the process.