Brutal Force vs Crazy Bulk: A Comparison Review


Crazy Bulk has been the forerunner in the legal steroids niche for almost the last 10 years, however a new guy on the block has appeared — Brutal Force. 

Which company is the best, and which should you order from?

Crazy Bulk has received positive and negative reviews since they were founded. Some customers have praised their products, experiencing great results. Others have branded their supplements as overpriced placebo pills

Thus, it’s fair to assume that they don’t work for everyone, however those who do respond well to steroid alternatives — are very happy with their orders. 

Product Range 

Crazy Bulk has 11 different products in their range, whereas Brutal Force just has 5 for now. 

Brutal Force are yet to provide deca durabolin, winstrol, anavar, HGH and NO2 products. 

The main difference here is that Crazy Bulk has various cutting agents, whereas Brutal Force has just CCut. 

Thus, if you are looking for a wide variety of products to test, Crazy Bulk has a larger selection. 


However, if someone is only looking to buy the more popular legal steroid products — Brutal Force not only has all of these, but they’re also cheaper on the Brutal Force website. 

It remains unseen as to how Brutal Force price their products in the future, however currently their legal steroids are very good value; in comparison to Crazy Bulk. 

This is something for gym-goers to take advantage of whilst they can, before the company gets bigger and potentially increases their prices. 


All of the ingredients from both companies are safe and FDA approved. However, it is worth noting that the two companies’ ingredients are very similar. 

This makes it easier to understand which companies are making less money per sale, and giving users a more generous price. 

In this case it is Brutal Force who are giving people better value, taking less of a margin compared to cost of production. 

Because the ingredient profiles are largely the same, the gains you’ll experience from Crazy Bulk — you will also experience from Brutal Force. 

Not only are the ingredients almost identical but also the doses. 


Crazy Bulk obviously has more reviews because the company is older, thus it would be unfair to compare external reviews. 

However, based on the ingredients, these are likely to be similar anyway. 

Who Should You Order From?

If you are looking for a winstrol alternative, or an anavar alternative — you’ll have no choice but to shop at Crazy Bulk. 

Also if you’re looking to buy multiple fat burning supplements, Crazy Bulk does have a wider range.

However, if you’re looking for a dianabol alternative or several of the best-sellers on the market — it would make sense to order from Brutal Force. 

This is because you’ll save more money when ordering from them, and the product isn’t lower in quality. 

Which company will give you the best results?

It looks like this is a tie, as the products are almost identical and will work in similar ways to recreate the anabolic processes in the body (that steroids produce). 

Brutal Force therefore is set to become a big retailer in this market, due to their pricing strategy and providing steroid alternatives for some of the greatest steroids in existence. Hopefully this will reduce the number of casualties from people using steroids, who instead will turn to these natural supplements to make the gains they desperately covet. 

If you would like to buy from Brutal Force, simply visit their official website — 

All deals are listed on the site, with them currently running a 20% discount offer. Buy 2 get 1 free is also available right now, which also applies to stacks. Thus, if you have the funds you can save a lot of money if you can buy in bulk. 

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