Fashion prevails; Society inhales!

Fashion, while playing significant roles, also influence the social aspects of society. Fashion is said to be a way to display our personality. It also expresses the feelings and mood of us. It lets people enjoy freedom and breath happily as it is a source of great joy. It reflects personal choices. Some people never care about what they wear; others put much energy into their apparel.

Above all, fashion comes with many positive and negative influences on society. And sometimes it diverts the attention of the people. Teenagers are often distracted by fashion. No doubt, fashion is a fantastic way to show our real, but sometimes it can considerably hide our real inside. More than 50 percent of people believe that it is harmful to society as usually girls rank themselves based on their fashion. Also, people go blind when it comes to fashion. A class that cannot afford the fashionable brand items affects their self-esteem, and even they may get bullied as they are poor.

However, we can’t deny the value of fashion in any society as it has always been accepted and opted by the people since the beginning. Even people of ancient times used to decorate themselves with various things at those times. Fashion is a way to express who you really are or want to look like. Fashion means you outside; it gives a style to your inside. The positive side of fashion is due to its fact that it influences a person’s creativity and benefit society. Fashion allows a person to express his characteristics and personal style in the best suitable way. You can say it is a walking art that presents you and your culture and society. Certainly, the fashion industry may cause stress and place many expectations on the way you dress up based on the latest trends and brands available but still, without fashion, life has no taste, no competition, and thus would be dull.

Fashion also evolved with humanity and eventually developed to date, so did the clothing and other attire. From the beautiful arcs of printed silk dresses on Chinese to the elegant corseted ball gowns of eighteen century England, man has developed such a colorful and amazing array of designs over the years.

Fashion is not simply about clothing, but anything that adds to your personality is linked with it. You may pick unique headwear, shop women’s fedoras to look stylish. You may buy stylish footwear or other stuff for you.

It is a fact that some stigmas coming with fashion must be understandable. Some people think that the modern world of fashion might be restrictive and harsh, projecting fake expectations of models and a price tag. But it is important to know that fashion doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive or small size to be enjoyed. It is simply about uniqueness. So you don’t need to adhere to what is believed as the latest or trendy, just be yourself, love your choice!