How Your Environment Can Improve Your Childbirth Experience

The day you give birth is one of the most important days of your entire life, and the beginning of a whole new chapter. In this article, we will take a look at some simple things you can do to dramatically improve the experience so that you can give birth in a positive, calm manner.

When most women give birth, they give little thought to their environment. If they are giving birth in a hospital as most women do, they will probably be giving birth in a typical hospital setting with surgical smells, bright lights, and plain surroundings. This is far from ideal.

The environment we are in makes a big difference to how we feel, and our feelings have a big impact on what happens during childbirth.

How so? Well its simple. A typical hospital environment is more likely to make us fearful and tense. Nothing about that environment is designed to relax us and make us feel good. Why does feeling relaxed and feeling good help? Because when we are in that state our bodies produce hormones that help us deliver our babies. We will produce oxytocin and endorphins which will help us deal with pain and make labour progress smoothly.

On the other hand, being tense and fearful makes us produce adrenalin. This reduces blood supply to the area we need it most during childbirth (our uterus) and makes us tense. This tension can increase discomfort and slow down labour.

So how can you improve your environment, even in a hospital? Firstly, turn the lights down lower and bring your own battery powered fairly lights to make the space look more inviting and calmer. You can also bring your favourite items of clothing with you – things that help to make you feel nice and relaxed such as your dressing gown, your favourite blanket etc.

Another way to improve any environment is by adding your favourite music. Be sure to bring in a device with your favourite songs ready to play. Music can have a dramatic effect on our mood.

Next up, have a selection of your favourite food and snacks available, bring pictures of loved ones and use affirmations (powerful phrases that can keep us focussed and alter our mood).

After reading this article you can see that you have the power to create a much more positive environment to give birth in. It just takes a little planning and preparation.

If you would like to learn more about improving your birth experience, head over to this hypnobirthing online guide where you will be learn much more.