Lelas Al Waleed hosting a new artistic tourism program “The stars Forum”

Lelas Alwaleed official image

Lelas Al Waleed is a famous journalist from Abu Dhabi, who has a firm belief in talent. She believes that skill is more important than beauty because beauty fails one day but the ability does not. The success of an educated broadcaster reveals that it is not only beauty that is important to have achievements in media too.

Her views about Talent shows

Lelas always supports the talent hunt programs on media. She feels that these programs are good to bring new talented faces on the screen. She supports programs like Arab Broadcaster on TV that were the source of many graduates in broadcasting. She said that these programs enrich the media with new talent with a vision and innovative ideas. Anyone who wants to participate in the new season of these programs passes the difficult tests by the jury.

Lelas Al Waleed feels the importance of training sessions to polish the skills of artists. These sessions allow new broadcasters to learn from experienced professionals. According to her, education is not the only thing that guarantees success. A person who worked with a professional team and experts can do better. It does not mean that education is not necessary, but is sufficient. A broadcaster without talent cannot gain success in the media.

The star Forum

Lelas Al Waleed revealed about her show, the Stars Forum, that filming work in the studio is complete. She was busy in sessions with the producer of the program “the star Forum”, who is the producer of the company. The program “the star forum” is very different from other TV shows in the sense it shows the other aspects of an artist’s life, and the decoration of the program is also unique. Programs contain 30 episodes that host multiple artists. The program will host different artists from the Arab world, those include Hazaa Al-Raisi, Asi Al-Hillani, Habib Al-Yassi, Abdullah Al-Ruwaished, Rashid Al-Majed, and Nawal Al-Kuwaiti.

Lelas’s Interests

Lelas Al Waleed loves traveling and fashion. Also, horse riding is her favorite sport. She is not limiting her to a specific template. She had presented various programs on sports and tourism. Now she is going to host an artistic tourism program, where she will spend the whole day in one of the landmarks of the country, with an artist.

Lelas Alwaleed wearing black