What it Means to Win According to Elijah Sommerz |

    Elijah sommerz is opening up about how to embrace success as an entrepreneur.

     The modern Canadian entrepreneur figure is the co-founder of j stone management group & co , and other ventures that he has made public however Elijah sommerz is always open to new ventures as a young entrepreneur. In our interview today he details what is needed to make it in the emulous world of business . 

    What is success as an entrepreneur

    To me it’s like a lot of rags to riches entrepreneurs like myself  know what poverty tastes like and never want to end up there again so i guess that can definitely be a success changer as an entrepreneur .Elijah Sommerz

     What success can mean to yourself  as an entrepreneur

    One can be … maybe the entrepreneur just loves doing what he does, its a hobby that makes him happy   The other may be…   Some entrepreneurs want to leave a legacy so history remembers them.

    Unforeseen hardships as an entrepreneur starting off :

    On of the biggest unforseen hardships i feel as an entrepreneur is getting rejected over and over again and having people tell you that you’ll never amount to anything,  to me to prove them wrong is the biggest  motivater for myself and i feel others should use the model aswell its a great way to achieve just  to  prove  it . and make them be wrong .

     Career aspirations:

     Robert Vernon also known as Elijah Sommerz is the First Afrocentric Canadian Elected to independently conduct a convocation with the United Nations Group Experts on the underlying constitutionality within the corrections & competition Acts, this was Brought Forward on behalf of the African Canadian Legal Clinics.

    Elijah Sommerz is a Talent Director of j stone Management group & co since 2016 –present Mr Robert Vernon – Elijah Sommerz ,Vernon is currently the vice-chairman of an online streaming corporation called Worldwide Entertainment TV WWETV) – is a Global Media Platform That works with major/mainstream as well as underground artists throughout major cities in North America.

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