What is the XM Broker Rebates??

XM Broker Rebate are part of the transaction costs paid to customers for each transaction. Spreads are lower and win rates are higher. Forex rebates are easy to install in a few steps.

  1. Register to receive Forex Rebate
  2. Link an XM Group trading account
  3. Receive a refund for every transaction

How does XM Group rebates work?

When you link a new or existing Forex trading account to us, the broker will pay a portion of the profit, spread or commission for all the transactions you make in order to compensate for the referral fees. We then will share most of our income with you and pay back in cash for each transaction. Thank you for signing us.

No different from some competitors, the spread does not increase due to the use of our service! The only difference is that you will receive more cash per transaction which makes trading through us more profitable than trading directly with brokers. Founded in 2008, we are a leading provider of forex rebates, reimbursement to more than 100,000 accounts, traders like live chat 24/7, phone and email.

Will the XM Group scam? Is my spread increasing?

Big XM rebates paid by legitimate rebate providers are not scams. But there is a fraud The most common scams are rebate service providers that mark differences or commissions to pay more than competitors. Many brokers allow referrers or rebate providers to authorize a marking fee for referrers. Clearly, this is destroying the purpose of service provided by the rebate service provider and discrediting the reimbursement service provider and business possibilities.Therefore, reliable service providers do not take into account this. In addition, some refund service providers may not make payments or pay at all. Therefore, it is important to choose a reliable service provider.

There is no “catch” when working with a reliable rebate service provider. It is useful for financial positions of traders to work with rebate service providers as well as forex brokers.

What is the best XM Group rebates program?

The first Forex rebate service provider was China and supported Chinese clients. In 2006, a company called FX Rebates arrived outside of the United States and offered foreign exchange discounts to clients all over the world in 2007. cashbackforex.com Has become the second largest cashback service provider in the world and has become increasingly popular. “FX Rebates” left the business shortly after or stopped providing foreign exchange services. cashbackforex.com and its affiliates since 2007 are the largest and most prominent rebate providers and one of the largest referral brokers in the world.

Since 2007, there are many online competitors. We have improved our service so that we are at the forefront.

Are there any other benefits to signing up for XM Group rebates?

It depends on the rebate provider. Due to our unique relationship with many brokers, we have often mediated between brokers and clients in order to help successfully resolve client issues, including clients who are having withdrawal issues. Brokers are often very fast to respond to us, since we typically have many clients with them. Our knowledgeable support team is available 24 hours per day in 8 native languages & 23 total languages for any questions. We also offer trading tools, calculators, reviews and a robust forex education section.