Olymptrade Company – Legitimate Platform or a Scam?

Olymptrade Company is a trading platform designed for investors and traders of all kinds, from experienced investors to people who want to taste the market. Today is considered one of the leading trading platforms and members can participate in options trading and foreign exchange trading.

As a leading trading platform, Olymptrade Company provides the market to a comprehensive trading center with trading tools and resources that are easy to understand and easy to understand. In an effort to position the brand as one of the key trading platforms, Olymptrade Company provides the best trading experience while helping members (traders) acquire the right skills and earn you money.

Olymptrade Company Real Review: Is it a Scam?

Olymptrade Company is widely reviewed online and most of the comments are positive. Our team can review and read reviews posted on websites and community forums in different regions of the world, including Russia, Brazil and the United Kingdom.

And from our general opinion, we find that this platform is easy to use and offers a member-friendly service, especially when funds are used and withdrawn from accounts. Some reviewers still look at the platform’s ability to generate as much as 90% profitability for customers with each profitable transaction. In all reviews, customers and traders say that Olymp Trade offers a satisfactory platform for trading.

Negative Trader Review:

Of course, the trading platform has received many negative reviews and suggestions from verified clients. According to some reviews posted online, the trading platform is deceptive and does not allow members to withdraw funds. However, according to others, common sense and our exams, these expenses are empty and can be easily explained.

Problem 1: Customers are unable to withdraw money.

The withdrawal of funds depends on certain conditions described below.

  • Customers should verify their identity within a few days after registration before depositing.
  • If the trader accepts the trading bonus, he must meet the wagering requirements. The wagering requirements are set at 30 times the bonus amount.

If these conditions are not met, withdrawal of bonus funds will not be allowed. However, the reason for canceling the withdrawal of the above is the same for all brokers around the world. Due to regulations, all brokers must verify their identity. If you encounter the same problem, we recommend that you coordinate with customer support.

Problem 2: Customers lose money.

Please note that binary trading is risky, and you have a chance of losing money if you are involved in this business. If you wish to take risks, we advise you to prepare. One thing you can do is try the demo version of the trading platform before trading with real money.

That is the nature of the transaction. Some people make money and others lose. This is not a reason to call a broker. Therefore, it is always advisable to trade in a demo account before making a real money deposit. Learn about trade

Ultimately, is Optiontrade a legitimate trading platform?

From evaluating service and running Olymptrade Company business is not a scam. If this is a fraud, in truth, the most experienced and respected investors and traders will leave the platform. They may have the worst negative comments on the trading platform. Based on the available evidence and details, this trading platform seems to offer legitimate trading opportunities. The website provides transparency so that interested customers and merchants can easily find and review the service, from cash management to ordering.

How can I verify my account with Olymptrade Company?

If you are from Nigeria, India, Pakistan or the United Kingdom, the verification process is the same for everyone on this planet. Questions about “How to verify your account”, “Required documents”, etc. are increasing. Please note that the verification process is the same for everyone. Don’t worry! Let’s go

Therefore, you must submit these documents in order to complete the confirmation (withdrawal of funds).

  1. Photos that allow you to check your face and details with your passport / ID card. Hold your passport / ID card in an extended format. It’s like a selfie with the right documents. Please note that the photo must be above the shoulder and must be easily visible (not blurry) like the image below.
  2. You must send the ID / Passport / Scanned photo document to use.
  3. If you used for depositing by credit card, you must send a photo / scan of the card you paid. The card must show the first six digits and the last four digits of the first and last name. Card validity and remaining numbers are not visible (cover). The back of the card does not need to exist (not).
  4. If using for e-wallet- deposit, you must send a photo / screenshot of your personal e-wallet (such as Skrill) (screening account details). This is the information you need to provide – photo of the owner’s name number. The second photo / screenshot is not from the correct transfer. (Images you send to Olymptrade Company do not

Where is the document sent?

When you receive a confirmation request, you will need to send all required documents to kyc@Olymptrade Company.com Along with the login you entered during registration. (Login is your email address

How long does the verification take? Document processing can take up to 5 business days. In addition, if wanting to receive an email with a result notification, the results of the document review described in the email.

Company information

Olymptrade Company is a legal broker and licensed by the Financial Commission. As part of the commission, each trading account is guaranteed $ 20,000. The trading platform is owned and operated by Wallfort Limited and Inlustris Ltd and has the following mailing addresses:

  • Inlustris Ltd
    • Registration Number: 25161 IBC2018 Registered Address: James Street, Kingstown, First Floor, First St Vincent Bank Ltd Building, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Wallfort Limited
    • Registration number HE364695, head office located in Cyprus, Nicosia, La Katamia and 1789 Ilodiaticou 8A.