Peruvian straight hair has become very popular these days with more and more women going for this natural extension despite the higher prices compared to synthetic hair. This hair type is most preferred because they shed and tangle less and retain that natural moment when worn. If this Peruvian straight hair is fixed well, it is tough for others to tell that you are putting on artificial hair. That is one of the top reasons why Peruvian straight hair is more desirable.

However, this article will discuss everything you need to know about it before purchasing. So keep on reading!

What Is Peruvian Straight Hair?

Peruvian Straight Hair

Peruvian Straight Hair is arguably the softest and lightweight variety of extension someone can find on the market. This multipurpose hair, with its unique feature of lightweight, makes it possible for every woman to have as many bundles as she wishes to, to get that beautiful voluminous look. This hair type is quite perfect for Caucasian hair and Afro descent hair. With this hair, you can wear up to five bundles and not end up feeling burdened as it would be the case with others.

When compared to Indian and Brazilian hair, Peruvian straight hair is coarser and thicker in texture. It is not only comfy, but it is lustrous, natural, and silky as well. Its lustre varies from low to medium, but it is quite beautiful, and its softness makes it quite easy to maintain. The hair is not processed or treated with any type of chemical, and the cuticles are intact and run in the same direction, making caring and styling an easy thing for every woman to do.

The Origin Of Peruvian Straight Hair

Peruvian Straight hair is originated from Peru, a country which belongs to the West of South America. This hair is mostly collected from remote villages in the nation whereby there are low donors since the country have a small population.

The hair type is either dark or light brown and coarser and thicker as well. With this piece, you only need a few bundles to make a full look. The hair type is quite easy to style, and it is tangle-resistant. Peruvian straight hair is quite adaptable.

Why Choose Peruvian Straight Hair?

Best Peruvian Hair Body Wave

Peruvian straight hair offers many benefits, and it is useful in all respects. This hair type does not treat using any dyes or chemicals. That helps to retain the natural look of the hair. Besides, the inherent strength of hair is maintained as well.

Peruvian straight hair is well-organized from root to tip in a single direction. That gives the hair a completely natural look and helps to keep it tangle-free, and that eventually helps the hair to last long without any hair damage or breakage.

Also, consider the country from where this hair type comes. One country that is upfront in this hair type market is Peru. This category is popular among those who have a craving for straight hair. Besides Peruvian straight hair, there is also Peruvian body wave hair, so when it comes to Peru’s hair, in general, the best part of this texture is that it lies between the curly and straight texture.

You can style this hair to both these textures using curling irons or straightening rods. With improper usage of these devices, natural hair may turn rough. But if you use them on extensions, you need not worry about anything, for even if some harm is triggered, it would be to the extensions and not to your natural hair.

Be it Peruvian straight hair or Peruvian body wave hair; the application method also needs to be kept into consideration. That is because it is dependent on the time you would love to keep the hair. For permanent usage, methods such as sew-in and bonding work while for temporary usage, clip-on is the best method.

Who Can Wear Peruvian Straight Hair?

Peruvian straight hair is a multi-use extension, but it blends well with relaxed African-American textures. This hair type also works well with medium Caucasian hair textures. If you go for a professional hairstylist, there is nothing that is not possible to achieve with this Peruvian straight hair.

How To Style It?

Peruvian Straight Dyed Hair

With Peruvian straight hair, you have flexible options when it comes to styling. You can bleach, process or dye the hair as you desired without worrying about breakages and damages.

Due to the soft nature of Peruvian straight hair, however, it might not be the most ideal at holding curls for long like other extensions such as Brazilian and Indian hair type do. But Peruvian straight hair makes a fantastic choice of simple hairstyles, needing soft curls.

Besides, Peruvian straight hair gets awesome sleek consecutive styles, or someone can go for edgy short styles as well if they love short hair. The hair type is quite easy to manipulate and therefore a great choice if you are looking for that natural softer appearance.

Caring For Peruvian Straight Hair

Always make sure that you clean your Peruvian straight hair regularly using high-quality moisturizers and shampoos. You need a good conditioner as well to keep your Peruvian straight hair looking beautiful and easier to manage.

Whenever you get the chance, let your Peruvian straight hair air dry and if you have to use a towel, then pat the hair dry as compared to rubbing it to dry as this can be detrimental.

Always opt for serums or hair products that are free of alcohol because it tends to dry the hair leaving it curled tightly. Also, you should avoid applying hair oils that are too heavy because they leak through and can restrict the movement of hair and raise the risks of tangling.

Where To Buy The Best Peruvian Straight Hair?

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