Silicon Valley short video platform, Firework, launches WordPress plugin

Silicon Valley short video platform, Firework, launches WordPress plugin

Mumbai, 11th June, 2024-Silicon Valley based Firework Video Network have announced the launch of their free to use WordPress plugin, ‘Firework Video Gallery’. The plugin will help publishers transform simple text-based WordPress site into a media-rich content avenue with the integration of a lightweight and aesthetically beautiful feed of publisher relevant short videos that will generate better website stickiness and higher engagement on the platform.

‘Firework Video Gallery’ plugin enable blogs and platforms to showcase content developed by global content developers. Integration of Firework video gallery will induce longer time spent on the publisher platform and offer access to videos with high production value and creative richness.

This plugin is available and is relevant to any blogger, agnostic of any category. Bloggers and platform owners now have access to hundreds of thousands of 30 second videos that immediately make the sites and blogs vertical mobile video ready, thereby building better storytelling capabilities.  With this free plugin, Firework is building significant capacity for publishers to enhance their digital assets.

With a lightweight lazy-load design, this plugin loads videos on a third-party server to ensure websites loads fast, without imposing any additional load time.  Data sourced from beta users of Firework Video Gallery have shown 300% growth of session time helping blogs and websites improve their SEO. The 30 second stories hold the interest of the audience and at an average a user watches at least 15 videos in one session.


Firework is a short format video stories platform that launched in 2018. The platform has created an ecosystem of brands, publishers and content partners that is driving infinite storytelling capabilities in 30 second videos. Firework creates deep engagement with its users through its cutting edge, innovative editing and camera tools like Reveal and Gemi. The platform is powered by 3 step moderation system that includes AI,ML and human intervention that filters out any content that may not be suitable for audience.

This moderation also makes Firework, a completely brand-safe platform. Firework is available on the IOS Store, Google App Store and various other partner platforms. The platform was founded and currently headquartered in Redwood City, California and now also available in Latin America, Europe, Japan and South East Asia

Firework is a venture backed by Lightspeed, IDG Capital and GSR Ventures.For more information, visit: and follow @Fireworkhq on Twitter or contact Trigam Mukherjee (9731651640) [email protected]