Overview of Entrepreneur Matthias Mende is hard

Matthias Mende, a global digital marketing expert, blockchain technology specialist, innovative entrepreneur, social media influencer, public speaker, motivator, contributor, moderator and builder of the future. Mende will lead the way towards building some new great businesses and hopefully add some value to build the future for humanity.

Currently, the German citizen lives between a few cities, including Dubai, San Francisco and Berlin. Mende has been dedicated to business since he been 9years old selling Kinder Surprise Figures on the Jumble Market. The latest developments were advising a secret new 5.0 Blockchain technology and the worldwide expansion of Berlin’s Unicorn HYGH. He made his first media debut in the popular United Arab Emirates Newspaper, Khaleej Times, as the developer of the Imam app, a portable mobile application that helps the recent Muslim convert to learn the Islamic prayer procedure in a playful Karaoke way. Consequently, in 2011, Mende created his social media boutique agency MEMMOS in Dubai which he co-founded with Hind Ahmad Awad Bni Khalid and Pedro Miguel Freitas de Pereira, while developing the ability to develop technological advances; for example, regarding blockchain technologies, while advising important companies in their implementations. Mende announced a project called link bar and a Digital Wallet recovery service to come in 2023.

He quickly became a person with great social and business influence with a wide arsenal of prominent associations, from Hollywood stars, musicians and some of the highest levels of the Government Officials of the United Arab Emirates, as you can see on his social networks. Matthias has multiple pictures with HH Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum the Ruler of Dubai.

Matthias seems to have an infinite global network. It can be found under the pseudonym Mende and Sheikhmende where he shares updates daily.  The name Sheikh is his official religious name which he received in 2008 from the Department of Islamic Affairs in Dubai.

Currently, in Block Gemini he feels determined to help and transmit the developments to achieve the organization’s goal of becoming the world’s leading blockchain development company. A company which strong proven technological implementations and an award-winning track record.

Mende constantly travels to blockchain conferences and companies, occasionally speaking on panels or holding key notes. His biggest speech was recently in front of 12000 People at the biggest conference in the world which happened in Hong Kong and was called chain2020. He was sharing pictures with Susan Oh, Crypto Moon Carl, Samson Lee, MM Crypto, Vlad Zamfir, Nicola Udianskiy, Henri Arsanlian and the Japanese Boss of Cointelegraph.

Actually, Instagram https://www.instagram.com/mende is the best source to follow his updates.

Matthias strives to perfect his tasks and aspires to become a great philanthropist as one of his friends who he has big respect for, Brock Pierce, who recently donated a billion dollars for charitable causes. He likes Brock’s Vision in which he states: ”A true Billionaire is a person who can improve the life’s of a Billion People”

We and the world are proud to have discovered Matthias Mende, anticipating in following his footsteps of demonstration great new commitments and achievements by adding value for everyone. Let’s wish him good luck.