The air filter of an air conditioning system impacts the quality of cooled air that the unit supplies to a room and the system’s efficiency and lifespan.

The job of air filters is to trap and keep solid air contaminants such as pollen and dust from circulating in your home or reaching the unit’s sensitive parts like the evaporator coils.

When the dirt builds up, which can happen over time if you don’t clean the filter, the component would have a hard time doing its job properly. And it will lead to a variety of problems – some may require air conditioning repair in Advance, NC.

Frozen coils

Dirt, debris, and dust build-up on the air filter can impede airflow. When there’s not enough air circulating the coils, the temperature will begin to drop, and ice will develop.

Once you turn your unit off, the ice will begin to melt. If the ice accumulation on the evaporator coil extends beyond the dimension of your system’s condensate drain pan, the water will likely leak. Furthermore, an A/C with frozen coils won’t work efficiently.

Uneven Cooling

Airflow restriction due to clogged air filters may also cause uneven cooling. You may find some corners of your room or home much cooler than the rest. It can be uncomfortable for your family or any other occupants in the room. So make sure to change the filter. If it does not fix the problem, contact your trusted local air conditioning repair tech in Advance, NC. 

System Overheating

When the airflow is restricted because of a clogged air filter, the fan motor within the air handler will have to work harder. Over time, the motor will be burnt out, which can result in the system overheating. Furthermore, as mentioned above, a clogged air filter won’t be able to prevent solid contaminants from entering the unit. The dirt and other particles will reach and start to coat the coils, and this will further increase the risk of burnout.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Air filters are supposed to keep pollutants at bay. But if you don’t clean it, the filters may instead become a secondary source of indoor pollution. The bacteria, mold, dust mites, and other contaminants in the dirty filter may end up circulating with the indoor air. It is particularly dangerous to occupants with respiratory conditions.

High Energy Bills

According to the United States Department of Energy (DOE), a clogged air filter can cause an air conditioning unit to use 15% more energy. It happens because when the accumulation of dust and debris in the air filter slows down the airflow, the cooling unit will have to work harder and consume more electricity to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

You see, your air conditioning’s air filter holds a significant value. You neglect it, and you will be dealing with these problems soon. Worse, the dirty air filter may even result in frequent system breakdown or complete unit shutdown.

Fortunately, a dirty air filter is a problem you can easily fix. All you have to do is clean or replace the filter. The number of times you have to do this will depend on various factors, such as the type of your filter and the number of pollutants present at home.

Cleaning or changing the air filter isn’t rocket science. Online tutorials are just within your fingertips. Spending some time to learn them may save you costly A/C repairs. If you don’t have the time to deal with a dirty air filter, HVAC professionals are always out there. They will be more than glad to help solve your A/C woes.

If you need any HVAC services, such as air conditioning repair in Advance, NC, feel free to contact All About Care Heating & Air at 336-771-9000. The company has experts you can trust.


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