Gaming is a part of several people’s lives and the majority of these are teenagers. As the demand for games increases in society, the number of games in the market is also increasing. Fortunately, the technology is also improving to help the gamers get the most out of their gaming sessions. Among all the developed technologies used in gaming, gaming keyboards play a vital role in the overall experience of gaming. You can see that almost all gaming keyboards out there contain mechanical switches and not rubber or membrane ones. It is because of the improved performance and experience of using a mechanical keyboard for both typing and gaming. However, you have to know the key features of these gaming keyboards made of mechanical switches that make them stand out from membrane or ordinary keyboards. In this article, let us discuss these key features in brief.

Key features of a gaming keyboard that differ from ordinary keyboards

Response time

Competitive gaming is becoming the trend and it is better to respond as quickly as possible than your opponent to have an advantage. Let us assume that your character does the action after a hell of a lot of time, you will be dead within seconds. So, you should make sure that the character is active and is responding to your commands instantaneously. To do this, you should have a keyboard that has a faster response time. Mechanical keyboards meant for gaming would help you with this as the average response time for every key pressing would be only about 15 milliseconds that is half of the average response time of an ordinary keyboard. So, you will be a step ahead of your opponent in the game.

N-key rollovers

The Rollover of keys is nothing but the action of pressing more than one key at once and having every response being translated on the computer screen. For instance, you would have to press more than six keys at once during your game to perform a particular action. If you are using a membrane keyboard or any other ordinary keyboard, you could not press more than six keys at once. But you can do this and get the action done accurately with the help of a mechanical keyboard. In a mech keyboard, your keypresses will be taken independently and executed rather than confusing with all the keys. So, you will not find any issues even when you want to press more than six keys at once. Hence, it has got the name of n-key rollovers.


Let us assume that you get into the intensity of the game and start pressing the keys with all the force you have. A membrane keyboard will go worn out after few such occasions. However, mechanical keyboards will stay stable as they would be heavy and would be made of several components. So, you can achieve a longer lifespan with this keyboard than with a membrane keyboard.