Weight loss mistakes people make every time

Over eating fats when on low carb diet

It is true that most if not all of the diet programs you will find today for weight loss encourage use of fats for metabolism rather than glucose which is the normal source of energy for the body. These low carb diets need you to be very disciplined because any slight violations can easily affect the progress of your weight loss practice. You cannot afford to over eat fatty foods just because you are now relying on fats for your energy. Always adhere to the recommended amounts so that your body does not suffer from low carbs in the system.

Choosing carbs

Having established above that carbs are slightly prohibited for weight loss programs, why go ahead to include them in your diet? This is not to say that you should completely eliminate glucose sources from your menu but just ensuring that you do not go overboard with how much you consume. You need to ensure that fats remain your primary source of energy for as long as weight loss is still your objective. You should avoid sugary foods and drinks which can increase the amount of calories in your system and that can never do you much good with your dream to lose weight.


Not exercising

Exercises are part and parcel of a fit body and a healthy lifestyle. It encourages you to be physically active and as such burn the calories that you may have in yours system. You should not rely on diet or pills only when you can get great results from combining any of them with regular exercises. When training, you need to go easy to avoid building muscle tension or stress.

Reducing proteins in your diet

Proteins are basically the source of fuel you will be depending on for some time during your weight loss mission. Having your body switch from using glucose fats to manufacture energy can be a complicated process that may take you time to adapt. You should therefore adhere to the low carbs and high fats rule for all of your meals so that you lose weight but at the same time never run low on energy. When you rely on proteins as your primary source of body fuel, you manage to get your appetite on a leash and that can easily control your eating habits.

Low fiber in your diet

You are supposed to ensure that your meals are rich in fiber every once in a while. There are even meticore ingredients list like glucommanan whose functioning is solely dependent on fiber and their effect on the human body. It is true fibers alleviate or prevent constipation but that is not its reason for being on this list. When you have enough fiber in your system, you are less likely to feel hungry. When you control your appetite, you avoid eating unnecessarily which is one of the many rules of weight loss. You furthermore get to alleviate the metabolic activities in your body by allowing absorption of very few calories when the fiber is in the system.