Think Big : Oversized wall Art painting for striking Look !

Art is a powerful tool that can convey emotions and concepts. Art may take up different meanings depending on the perceptions, and that’s what makes it exceptionally beautiful. Like a pen to the writer, a canvas is the tool of an artist, and when emotions are given colours, beautiful and extraordinary artwork is born. An oversized artwork can look attractive and at the same time, convey a lot. When placed right, an oversized artwork can elevate the aesthetic appeal of the room.

Decorating the interiors is a way to please yourself. If you find comfortable or your brain finds peace within a certain room, then it is the best place to be. If your office space makes you comfortable, then you get to make better decisions and make better choices. Artworks play an important role in developing and moulding the whole theme of a room.

It is a common misconception that oversized artwork tends to make the room look dingy. The opposite happens when you choose a painting with soft colours and patterns. Imagine having a big room as your workspace. This magic can be done by oversized artwork.

An oversized abstract canvas painting would be great for your office interiors. The main speciality of abstract art is that each time you look into it, you perceive things differently. Thus, you get a lot of concepts and perceptions from a single artwork. An office is a place where some serious works are done, so why not keep some serious yet simple artworks that perfectly suits the vibe of the place.

Here are five reasons to include an oversized artwork in your workspace and why is this concept getting a thumbs up around the world.

  1. Oversized artwork gives a professional touch

Oversized artwork can give a professional touch to your office interiors. If abstract art is used, the better. Usually, interior experts prefer oversized abstract art to decorate workspaces. Along with adding a professional touch, the art can soothe and relax your mind, which is essential in a stress-filled environment.

oversized abstract wall art containing a variety of shapes and colours on a plain wall can look mesmerizing. Also, a single piece of artwork is always better than overcrowding the space with several small to medium-sized paintings.

Adding a unique piece of oversized art in your office space can help to bring about a depth. If you want to modify the space without renovating much, then this is the better option. The artwork opens up space in your workspace without requiring you to make a window space.

  1. Matches the mood of the situation

Oversized abstract art would be the best choice for office walls. Your workspace isn’t the place for fun or chilling. Instead, it is where important decisions and meetings are held. So, you expect the interiors to give about a serious yet stress-free vibe. An oversized artwork would, therefore, be perfect for your walls.

If you are into abstract art, you can go for one, or if you are into artworks that depict scenic beauty, you can go for that as well. It isn’t about the art that is depicted or what the artist is trying to convey. It is about the size of the art.

Even though oversized artworks come in all colour variations and combinations, avoiding paintings or artworks that contain too dark colours can help to elevate your mood. Paintings with light colours are best for a work environment. This isn’t a rule, but a tip to make space look lighter and brighter.

  1. Minimalistic approach

Don’t like too many paintings but not satisfied with small wall art? Then an oversized art would satisfy your heart. Oversized abstract paintings is ideal for people who love minimalistic design and features in their interiors. Since the problem of overcrowding can be ruled out, space would not look clumsy or dingy. Reducing the number of artworks on the wall can make the room look bigger than what it is.

  1. Helps to create a focal point

Adding a focal point to your soulless wall is easy. All you have to do is hang an oversized artwork, and you are good to go. An empty room is no fun. You would get even more bored if your workplace looks empty and boring. Thus, a rightly placed artwork can help create the ambience required for the room. If the interiors and the artwork match the colour palette, space will look much more interesting.

The focal point here means the centre of attraction. Imagine a room with plane walls having some tables and chairs alone. The thought of it makes you boring, right? Then think about the situation of you having to work there. Even more boring, right? So, transforming the place from boring to beautiful requires just a piece of art.

  1. Inspirational artwork

If you are a person who requires constant motivation, then you can get it from the oversized wall art. Place it in such a way that the artwork gets your attention whenever you are in the workspace. To get your attention, place the artwork in the prime position of your workspace. Placing it right in front of your workstation would be the best choice.

While choosing the artwork, make sure there isn’t over splashes of colours, and the letters are thoroughly visible. Wall arts with overcrowded shapes and figures might suit your home ambience, but it definitely would look out of space in your office.


Artworks can help elevate the mood. Some artworks are timeless classics and having some of them in possession is a great thing. The bigger, the better is true in the case of oversized artworks. Choosing artwork is up to you. You are the one using the workspace. If the artwork can capture your attention and help increase the aesthetic appeal of your wall, it is the best you can do to yourself. If you are an art admirer with interest in Original hand painted artwork, has something unique to offer for everyone!