Types Of Paper Used For Gift Box

The types of different quality of paper play an important role in packaging box printing. Different paper used for the packaging box affects the printing effect. The printing raw materials of packaging boxes mainly include white paper, coated paper, cardboard, white cardboard, vinyl cardboard, etc. 1. Coated paperCoated paper, also known as printing coated paper, is made by coating a layer of white paste on base paper and calendering it. The paper has a smooth surface, high whiteness, low stretchability, and good ink absorption and acceptance. Mainly used for printing the covers and illustrations of high-end books and periodicals, colorful albums, various exquisite product advertisements, samples, product packaging boxes, trademarks, etc.2. CardboardCardboard is an ideal material for making high-end packaging boxes. Its good hand feel, ideal color and dot transfer conditions, as well as stiffness and surface strength are the reasons why they are favored by many designers.Designers can choose various cardboards for the designs.


(1) White cardboard The characteristics of white cardboard are not only high whiteness, but also soft gloss, elegant and noble, good dot transfer during printing, high level and color reproduction, and delicate hand feeling. Designers often use white cardboard in high-end products such as gift boxes, cosmetic boxes, wine boxes, and hang tags.(2) Glass cardboardGlass cardboard is produced by vitrifying the surface of white cardboard. It looks very glossy on the surface. Its visual effect is better than that of cardboard and coated paper after UV coating. The products made from this cardboard are very beautiful and eye-catching. Designers often apply glass cardboard to packaging boxes for medicines and high-end cosmetics.



3. Board paperBoard paper is a kind of laminated paper with a basis weight of 220g/m2, 240g/m2, 250g/m2…400g/m2, 450g/m2, with a wide range and the largest choice among various materials. This kind of paper has a certain degree of stiffness and surface strength, especially because of the surface coating of the painted white paper, the printing ink is not easy to penetrate, and the printing image color and dot transfer are good. But the disadvantage is that the flatness is poor, and the printing speed is slow; another disadvantage is that the hand feel is obviously rougher than the cardboard.