How to Launch a Successful YouTube Channel


You have an idea or a seedling of an idea, and you want to create a YouTube channel. But where do you start? How do you transform your dream into a reality with the channel? Creating the account is simple enough – you head over to YouTube, enter your details, and this is about the extent of the process. However, taking the next steps is something worth more attention. Here are some tips that should help in the journey:


Consider Equipment

These days, you don’t need to spend thousands on equipment; the beauty of this social media channel is that it’s possible to get started using the camera on your phone. However, over time, you might think about a camera, a lapel microphone, some form of lighting, a tripod (to steady that wobbly picture!), and more. If the budget is small, start with a lapel microphone and tripod. From here, you’ll quickly work out what you need to improve video quality.


Watch Others

In the world of sport, up and coming stars always tell the world about watching their icons while growing up. Why is YouTube any different? Look at channels with millions of subscribers and write a list of things they do well. Why do you think they have such a huge following? You should never copy other people because authentic, original content is key, but you can still learn from the best.


Plan All Content

You start the channel, you create two videos a week for four months, and then you realise that most videos are just rambling and don’t offer any value for the audience. Nothing is wrong with rambling videos because it shows personality, but you need to have some structure and some planning. By planning content, it’s easier to think about the audience’s needs and produce a higher quality of video.


Ensure Every Second Contributes

These days, the YouTube world is cut-throat. If you don’t engage the audience in the first few seconds, they will quickly click away to another video. With this in mind, make sure that every single second of the video adds something worth watching. If it doesn’t contribute, remove it from the video and eliminate the risk of viewers clicking away.


Choose a Niche

What is your channel about? What should your audience expect when they click on your channel? Rather than trying to cover everything, it’s much better to choose a niche because people prefer an expert in one field rather than somebody trying to cover everything. Is it a branded business channel like King Kong? A video game channel? A channel about books and reading? When you choose a niche, it’s easier to build a following because everybody knows what to expect. Followers of a themed channel understand it and won’t actively stay away from certain videos.


Use Social Media

These days, it’s hard to launch a successful YouTube channel without social media. You might upload a YouTube video every day, but viewers want more, and this comes from social media updates. Show your personality and show that you’re somebody to like. Also, social media is a necessity to advertise new videos and engage with the audience.


Collaborate and Engage

Finally, if you take two things from this guide, let it be collaboration and engagement. Firstly, collaborate with other video-makers and grow your channels together. Secondly, engage with viewers and make them feel a part of the channel.


Bonus tips include:

  • Use simple editing software to start
  • Optimise all videos with good titles and descriptions
  • Don’t let negative comments get you down
  • Keep a regular schedule