Top 5 streaming apps like showbiz

Are you looking for Streaming apps like Showbiz where you will find all the exciting features to satisfy your needs. Then yes, you are at the right place. Streaming apps is a program which consists of all the necessary components downloaded as per requirements rather than being installed ahead of time on your device. The virtualized applications are delivered with the help of Streaming Application. If you are looking for similar apps like Showbox, then you are exactly in the 

The 5 Streaming Applications like Showbiz are as follows.

  • Kodi:
  • HULU: 
  • Stremio:
  • Views:
  • FreeFlix:


Features and details 

  • Kodi is a free open source software. It manages the local gatherings of television, movies, photos etc.
  • Kodi is a similar app like showbiz or it can be said it is kind of a free app like Showbiz. The best feature of it is it possesses Kodi addons and third-party addons. With the help of this, movies, TV shows, live TV can be accessed.
  • The striking feature is that it also works as a gaming console. 
  • The Kodi addons enable you to search and launch emulator ROMs and also stand-alone games in XMBC.
  • Kodi can also upscale all the definitive justification of videos to your desired resolutions like 720p, 1080i, and 1080p.
  • There are millions of customization alternatives and choices in Kodi so that you can easily set it up as per your wish or requirements.


Features and details 

  • Hulu is a free app like Showbiz. It gives you a chance to free service for 7 days after subscriptions. 
  • Existing Hulu subscribers have the option to watch live TV for sports, news, movies and entertainments. 
  • The exciting feature is that you can watch live and on-demand TV from 60+ top channels which include sports, news, and more. Other than that, you will get endless access to the entire Hulu streaming library if you subscribe to an ad-supported plan.
  • Hulu app features the third party software which entitles you to participate in the measurement of statistics.


Features and details 

  • Stremio is a great app which provides the users with the proficiency to save and watch your video files from third-party websites.
  • Stremio is considered to be one of the largest video aggregators on the online market. It is just like the apps of Showbiz.
  • One outstanding feature that Stremio possesses that all the major operating systems are supported by this application.
  • Stremio gives you the opportunity of an intuitive search function which permits the users to find a file-based off of the title, characters, release date or genre.
  • Stremio provides your library. The library is the place where you can see the current TV shows, movies, or your favourite channels which you like to see.


Features and details 

  • Views is a substitute for Showbiz apps. It is a super streaming app which is a free app. This app is giving you a chance to watch free for 7 days after your subscription.
  • A library is there that Views is providing you where your movies, TV shows are stored. You can watch it later.
  • The striking feature is that Views is supported by all the operating systems like Linux, Mac, Windows XP etc.
  • Views are the third-party software or application, which entitles you to participate in the measurement of statistics.
  • All sorts of facilities are being provided by Views and you can watch it in HD picture quality.


Features and details 

  • Freeflix HQ shows off an incredible line-up of content which comprises of on-demand Movies, TV Shows, your favourite channels, sports as well as thousands of live TV streams.
  • The interface is clearly laid out and the striking feature is that it includes some smart features like you can select your content by picking up the genre, the year and most-watched movies so that you can get an idea.
  • FreeFlix supports in every operating system, so no need to worry about that.
  • In one word, this is a free app and can be said as a substitute for Showbiz.

Conclusion: Nowadays people are fond of watching their favourite movies, TV shows and all. These streaming apps are widely accepted throughout the globe. The top streaming app is Showbiz, but if you use these 5 apps, then you will love to subscribe to those.