Free Digital Scale Apps! Measurements right from your Smartphone!

Technology made everything easy and available just by a few clicks on our smartphones. From newspaper reading to shopping anything can be done using different Free Digital Scale apps for Android and iPhone available in app stores. 

Have you ever thought of knowing the quantity of ingredients you use to cook a dish? Did you ever wish to know the weight of the accessories you carry? If so then you must try out the digital scale apps available on your app store right away. Here is a brief description of digital scale apps and different apps that are available on android and IOS software respectively.

The digital scale apps help in measuring the weight of different small and lightweight objects. They may not be 100% accurate but are nearly perfect. These apps are easy to use and most importantly they do not require any payment. 

If you are doubting whether they work really, then check out the below apps. They prove that even phones can take the place of weighing scales and make weighing easy.

Best Free Digital Scale app for android:


  • 3 grams digital scale 


If this app is used correctly, it gives a precise weight of the object. To use this app first you must balance your phone on a curved surface. This app can also work as a visual weigh scale as it weighs a larger object using the camera of your phone. This app requires some work to be done beforehand to show accurate results.


  • Kitchen scale 


This app has a unique style of working and shows an approximate area required as per the input of the weight given by the user. It is useful to measure kitchen ingredients like salt, sugar, spices. etc. This gives a rough estimate of items and is easier to use.


  • Super scale free-digital scales


It uses the sensor of the phone and built-in tilt center to measure the weight of the objects. It does not require any other instruments than a phone. The accuracy of the results would vary depending upon the way one uses the app.


  • Scale estimator


It gives an approximate measure of objects not more than 100 grams. It needs a plastic bag and a coin to be used. The app must be modified for every different object used.

Best digital scale app for iPhone:


  • True scale free


It helps the user weigh small objects and even records all the noting even if you forget to make a note of them.


  • Right weigh load scale 


It helps to measure the load weight of objects anywhere and anytime. It also has Bluetooth connectivity to track and share notifications.


  • IQ digital scale simulator


It is available for both android and IOS versions. It almost weighs anything. This app also has Bluetooth sharing options.


  • Truck scale calculator


It is used to help truck drivers. It is designed for rigs of 3 axel sets and 4 axel sets. It takes the input scale from shorter as well as larger platforms.

Be sure to give these digital scale apps a shot, technology continues to make our life easier and it is up to us to embrace this fact and help ourselves. Don’t forget to check out for latest top 10 review stuff.