Completely free and super complete guide to Garena’s Free Fire and clash of clans

This Battle grounds is a battle of survival in true Royale style on mobile devices. If you have already downloaded the game, now you are ready to be the best player among all your friends and in the whole world.

This is the most comprehensive guide out there, with tips and advice that will take you to the next level. Get to be the only survivor.


This section is specially designed for players who have been playing free fire apk for a while and want to keep progressing, improving their combat tactics, strategy and much more.

The main aspect that a free-shooting player should master is choosing the best weapons to carry in combat. It depends on him, he knows how to defend himself and attack with a goal. So you must have found all of its features.

From there, there are some advanced tactics that will give an advantage to become the best player in Free Fire game. Finally, the Free Fire combat guide will help you deepen your military knowledge and become an expert in the game.


This is one of the most important points to continue to advance in the game. There are different methods to obtain the different coins in the game which are gold and diamonds. In our free guide, we explain the most common methods. We also explain the best ways to invest silver in gold or diamonds when shopping for inventory.


Clash of Clans: tips for beginners

When you are new to Clash of Clans, there are some basic rules to know / understand / follow:

  • By buying gems with real money, you will evolve faster. Indeed, Clash of Clans apk is a free game, but it includes micropayments that allow you to evolve more quickly. In Clash of Clans, gems represent the highest currency and with which you can really do anything. That being said, purchasing gems with real money is not mandatory. They are becoming rarer, but you can find them elsewhere.
  • Trees, flowers, trunks, bushes, and gem boxes earn free gems. To do this, click on them to delete them and harvest the resources. Again, keep in mind that removing them also costs resources (gold coins or elixir) which vary depending on the type and size of the thing you’re removing. As you will see, a fir tree does not cost the same as a large tree.
  • In the first village levels, try to save as many gems as possible. I would like to believe that the temptation can be strong to make a building evolve faster, but above all you must NOT give in. Therefore, try to keep your gems as long as possible.
  • When you feel you’ve reached a certain level, question yourself and rethink the placement of your buildings. These need to be positioned intelligently, resources protected, and defensive projectile buildings hidden / protected by less important ones. There are several techniques for creating a village. Besides, YouTube is full of videos that can help you create the perfect village: farming, hybrid, defensive.
  • When attacking a village, don’t send all of your troops at once! All the fighters who die don’t come back, they’re definitely dead. If you want more, you will have to redo some. Before launching a full attack, therefore, try to empty the defenders present in the opponent’s clan castle (if he has one) and reach the defense towers which are the most within range of your units. In Clash of Clans, each unit has its own characteristics: Warrior (melee attack and tough), Archer (ranged attack, but fragile), Giants (melee attack and able to take a lot of damage points ), etc. Think strategy!
  • As your adventure progresses, you should always prioritize building upgrades that are dedicated to collecting and storing your resources. Why? Because they are the key to your evolution!
  • Any other advice for the road? Join a clan and be there a minimum of active (according to its activity / affluence). Last thing, always be respectful and fair. On Clash of Clans, the trolls are very frowned upon and quickly filed.