Top 5 Stocks to Invest in India

Investing is truly like gambling. There is really not a space for accurate predictability and uncertainty is the cloud that constantly revolves over one’s head. Market is networked with huge amount of risks that has one’s head dangling in the middle of it all.

But here’s the catch: higher the risks, higher the returns. The chances of returns? Nobody can bet on that. Therefore, it requires a sound knowledge and a concrete plan before diving into the world of investments.

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The fluctuations in the market price in the shares make it highly unresolved to pick out the best options in the market to invest in shares. However, based on innumerable parameters like the performances, the past trends and the general flow of the market, one can try their hands at figuring out the best for them for yielding long term returns.

HDFC Bank Ltd.

The largest bank in the private segment in India, HDFC Bank is also the largest in terms of market capitalisation. It comprises of various services that attract a huge pool of the end clients into availing of the banking services.

Due to the recent extraordinary situation in the world view, a lot of foreign corporations are seeing the potential in the HDFC Bank and hereby investing.

As a result, the share prices are striking higher chords in the market. Thus, it is just the perfect time for investors to switch to HDFC Bank.

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Reliance Industries Ltd.

Reliance Industries Ltd. is an Indian agglomerate giant that, from the market view point, holds the largest share value in the Indian scenario.

Divisions as textiles, telecommunication, retail, supermarkets, etc. constitute in the Reliance Industries Ltd. A company that manufactures mad profit, RIL forms an important component in the Indian economy.

It has delivered outstanding results and has been a triggering factor in outperforming the benchmark indices, breaking unfathomable records.

One can look up their past records and performance scales that elaborate on their numerical figures on different segments.

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Asian Paints Ltd.

Founded in 1945, Asian Paints Ltd. is an Indian company that specialises in products pertaining to paints and extended services, providing home solutions relating to the same, etc. In India, it is counted as the largest paint firm holding a significant share in the market.

On the market front, they have outdone the index ratio by a good percentage.

Again, all the public data that lets the potential investors decide on the shares they would want to buy (if any) in the Asian Paints Ltd. can be found out.

Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.

A fairly new banking business in the line, Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. was established in 2003. There have been hikes in terms of achievements at the market at the hands of the bank. They have surpassed all the minimum beneficiaries that are required for banks to stay afloat in the overall graph. They are the third largest private sector bank in the capitalisation.

Their offerings made to the public range from services such as life and health insurance, personal finance, wealth management, etc. Their gross income and the general revenue generated sees a spike by some bonuses on yearly basis.

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

A multinational IT company that has expanded its base in 40+ countries, Tata Consultancy Service Ltd. is an extension of the Tata Group and has the 2nd strongest hold in the Indian share market after the RIL in terms of capitalisation. It has a reputation of registering astonishing records at the market, that has earned it the place in the mainstream of the Indian market in terms of value and services.


It has never been a piece of a cake to define the best investing ways in the stock market owing to the risks that come with it. however, with precision-based knowledge of the same and some earnest amount of research can land one in a place where they make humongous revenues out of investing.

Happy Investing!