How Businesses can boost sales using Magento Extensions

In this current era of the internet, most people are aware of the power of internet shopping, and people love to do it considering the different convenient options in it. Today, there are thousands of eCommerce sites available on the internet. How can you make yourselves unique? How to enhance the visibility and user-friendliness on the website? It is possible based on the platform you are choosing to design the site. Magneto is one of the preferable brands that come with a Magento extensions list. Here are some of the important Magento 2 plugins you need to note down.

  1.  Paypal Multicurrency 

It is one of the important Magento extensions that provide more flexibility to convert the currency. If the users are using the currency that is not supported by PayPal, this extension helps in the conversion of the currency. Every store will have a standard currency based on their country.

For example, if the currency of your store is in USD and your customer is willing to place an order or purchase the things using the EURO, this creates confusion.

If there is no clarity in the money aspects, you may even miss the potential customers. This eCommerce Magento will rectify the issue with the currency conversion process. As a result, visitors of any country, in essence customers can pay with multi currency options and shop better. Clients get a better shopping experience with the currency conversion process at the payment page.


  • It offers one-click installation
  • It supports Magento 1.9.x
  • It allows currencies of all the countries with the PayPal standard and PayPal express payment method
  • The customers do not need to worry about their currency and the currency of the online shop


2. WordPress Google Reviews and Ratings 

One of the best premium WordPress plug-in for incorporating the Google Reviews and rating of the business place in your website is WordPress Google Reviews and Ratings. It is the eCommerce trick that provides 5 top and more helpful business reviews and assists in improving the SEO score and building trust with the clients.

With the option of auto search, Google Places, and the business location can easily fetch the Google places and near are the location for the convenience of the users. They also change the images based on their needs. Among the Magento extensions list, it is the right and suitable one to showcase the reviews of your site to your potential customers.


  • Auto fetch the newly given reviews
  • Use multiple times on the page
  • Set the height and width based on the needs of the users
  • Show and update the images of the business location
  • Custom options
  • Responsive designs
  • Toggle description
  • Number of reviews options
  • Show or hide the option to review bottom
  • Many ways of shorting available to display the ratings to the audience
  • Support translation

3. Multiline Discount Magento 2 

While taking a look at the current day’s eCommerce store service, the discount offers and promotions are often described as the time the customer is spending to explore the products regarding promotions and discounts.

One of the finest and Best Magento 2 Extensions from different aspects of Multiline Discount Magento 2. When it comes to this plugin, it helps the users to display the different discounts and the promotions on the separate line at the shopping cart page for the users, check out page admin side under the order section, and even in case of the invoice.

Even in coupon code discounts or the discount sale, the entire discount will be displayed at the right time for checkout. It deals with the invoice sent through the mail, credit note, and the customer for the order confirmation and this will help them to have instant acknowledgment. From all these different areas, it takes place among the best Magento ecommerce extensions. 


  • Display multiple discounts on the separate line
  • Ease to install
  • Compatibility with magento 2.1x, 2.2x
  • Offers an impeccable customer experience


4. AJAX Cart Pro With Drag & Drop

These serious Magento extensions offer the users some fun options like dragging something in the module, and it will provide you options to one-click product into the cart, wish list, compare, and dragging the product into the book for future recommendations or directly in the cart for the benefit of the customers.

It is also becoming the factor that will allow them to stay in the site for a long time and enhance ranking in the search engine. So, this Magento 2 marketplace extension is beneficial for the SEO factors as well.

Besides, modern customers are looking for fun on the site along with some valuable information. When you incorporate such things on the site, it is a great instance where you make the eCommerce cart display more engaging.


  • Allow the customer to drag the product
  • Easy installation
  • User-friendly interface


5. One Step Checkout 

Research says that the average abandoned cart rate is more than 66%. Most customers abandon online shopping at the checkout page because of the complicated process, and they may not return to the site again.

As the name indicates, just with one click, you can collect different information like billing address, shipping payment, shipping address, and other necessary details. So, the Magento 2 marketplace extension will help to enhance the store’s conversion rate with these strategies.

It is the Best Magento 2 Extension that helps in increasing the customer checkout experience.


  • Reduce checkout steps
  • Easy customer registration and login process
  • Lightbox login
  • Compatible with PayPal and SagePay
  • Exclude or include the billing shipping fields
  • User-friendly checkout interface
  • Completely responsive for the widescreen, tablet, mobile screen
  • Automatically update the grand total on some alteration of the shipping methods
  • Optional checkbox for billing address to same as shipping address
  • Configurable payment method
  • The admin will have option to enable or disable the guest checkout

The bottom line 

Utilizing the Magento extensions in the right way is the strategy for efficient reach among the audience as the eCommerce shops. So, analyze more about the best Magento extensions and enjoy the benefits of it in the technology-dominated era.