The Great Benefits of Kumkumadi Oil

Kumkumadi Oil is an herbal oil made of floral extracts and natural oils such as lotus extracts, sandalwood, turmeric extracts, saffron oil, rose oil, almond oil, and sesame seed oil, etc. It is generally used for face massage.

Kumkumadi oil acts as a powerful antioxidant that helps in removing bacterial infections and inflammations. The oil can also be a replacement to various skin softening and lightening lotions and creams out there. Since it is an ayurvedic measure, it can work without any side-effects.

Kumkumadi oil is an ayurvedic recipe for skin problems like acne, scars, pigmentation, dark spots, oily skin, fairness, dark circles around your eyes, and aging problems. Kumkumadi oils can do everything naturally that increases your confidence level.

Saffron, which is a major ingredient of this oil, has a distinctive property of improving the texture and complexion of the skin. Saffron threads also help in removing wrinkles and linings, keeping the skin elastic, mature, and healthy.

The oil had been used as an herbal treatment by Indian women since no one knows how far. Ayurveda itself is 5000 years if I tell you as a matter of fact.

Anyone can use this product, regardless of concerns like age and complexion type. This oil is an excellent facial skincare product.

Benefits of Kumkumadi Oil 

Improves Complexion

The antibacterial property of this oil helps in promoting the blood circulation reviving the skin cells. The oil consists of saffron which is prescribed for skin lightening.

Using this thread with an herbal oil keeps the skin from darkening. Hence, it plays a major role in enhancing the complexion. The regular use of Kumkumadi oil provides natural beauty and radiance to the skin.

Treats Hyperpigmentation:

Kumkumadi Oil is a powerhouse of antioxidants. The oil can help in encouraging oxidation of arachidonic acid, eventually stimulating the skin to release leukotrienes. The Kumkumadi oil also reduces the formation of melanin in the skin layer, which brings a glow to the skin.

Prevents Acne and Pimples

The Kumkumadi oil is a great antioxidant, is attentive to killing any sort of bacteria. The oil is highly beneficial for quick recovery from skin infections, and inflammatory wounds like acne and pimples. The oil acts as a cleanser to help in cleaning the dead cells and kicking the dirt particles out, Swishing a teaspoon of sankhabhashma with a few drops of Kumkumadi oil can easily destroy the acne and pimples roots.

Diminishes Spots and Blemishes

The appearance of dark circles and blemishes may look dull, reducing confidence and self-satisfaction. Blemishes can also appear due to vata-pitta doshas, exposure to the harsh sun, and unhealthy dietary choices. Regular use of this oil can help to overcome the natural skin tone and can prevent further discoloration.

Used as A Sunscreen

The Kumkumadi oil can also be used as a sunscreen. The natural saffron pollen in this oil protects you from the sun. The presence of essential extracts such as lotus extract, turmeric extract, sandalwood, manjistha, etc. protects the skin from UV rays.

Lessens Scars

Even if your pimples disappear, it certainly does leave behind some scars. These scars look ugly, and the tedious task is to get rid of them. However, the further use of the same Kumkumadi oil can help you reduce the intensity of them and, in most cases, makes it disappear. The Kumkum and Haldi are very significant in treating scars.

How to Use Kumkumadi Oil

Although the Kumkumadi oil can directly be applied over the skin surface, it is advisable to take care of a few things. The oil should be applied such that it spreads evenly and lightly. A gentle massage can be done with your fingertips after applying the oil for around 5 minutes.

Let the skin soak the oil for around 20-30 comfortable minutes. Now, wash off the oil with lukewarm water. For better results, do it on a regular basis, at least two times daily.