Canadian Goose even though birds have are not loved the way these birds are supposed to be, because of the nuisance that these birds create in the lawn areas and farmlands. This is the reason that these lovely appearing birds are grouped into the pest category and why Geese Control becomes a prime priority for everyone out there.

These Canadian Geese have the habit of spoiling the lawns, gardens and landscape areas. Even though these birds are not notorious but at times while sensing danger these geese can become violent and it has been seen many a time that they have hurt pets and small kids playing out there in the garden and lawn areas.

Aside from this, what irritates most of the people out there is the large amount of droppings that these Canadian Geese excrete thereby spoiling the place. Cleaning this dropping is after is painful but what is more painful is the hazardous effect of their droppings. The dropping is found to carry E. coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter or Cryptosporidium germs that affect the human health adversely.

Goose Control has been a challenging aspect for people out there and Geese Removal Service providers have been trying to figure out what can be done to get rid of these Geese.

The problem here is that law prohibits the killing of these birds and any person violating the law will have to face serious charges.

According to the law for Canada goose control, you cannot use poisons, pellet guns, firearms or any other lethal means.

Professionals have figured out some of the ways to get rid of these birds which include:

  1. Fencing the lawn
  2. Use of Scarecrow
  3. Use of mylar tapes
  4. Use of sound machines
  5. Using Popguns
  6. Use of Noisemakers
  7. Use of chemicals

All these methods have given results instantly. But these birds have the habit of returning back so the above-mentioned method doesn’t prove to be a permanent solution to this problem.

The professionals have this in the back of their minds that the only permanent solution to get rid of these Canadian geese is to force them to change their location permanently.

Finally, after so many years professionals have found out a method that has proven to be a permanent solution to this problem. This method involves the use of herding dogs.

These herding dogs are specially reared in Scotland and England and are termed as Border Allies. They resemble somewhat like wolves. They crouch and scare the geese away from your area.

It takes multiple sessions to get rid of the geese permanently. The whole idea is to implant a fear in the minds of geese so that they don’t dare to return.

The best part is that this method is in compliance with the law as the geese are not harmed at all.

Just look for a Geese Removal Service provider and avail their services. This is the best and 100% proven solution that has worked the best for most of the people out there even though a bit non-traditional way of handling the geese.

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