Ever since the inception Hot wheels Redline cars have been the hot favourite of people of all ages. The craze for these cars has gone so high that people have started collecting these cars and are ready to pay any am amount to make a part of their own. So if you are looking to sell Hot wheels then finding the right person is not a big issue. There are a lot of crazy collectors who are ready to pay you any amount to buy it form you.

Hot Wheels Redline Cars, especially from the late sixties, are worth collectible. The reason it being so collectible is not only its age but also there were certain models that were produced in quantity much lesser compared to other general models.

There were two reasons why some models were produced in lesser quantity compared to others.

  1. Some of the models faced some copyrights issues so they were not put into mass production. The ones that were produced as a demo become rare and hence collectible
  2. There were some technical issues with some cars due to which they were rendered from putting into mass production. Hence those produced as a demo car become rare and collectible.

You can find a number of owners putting Redline Hot Wheels For Sale over the Internet, event and even running classified ads for money and collectors buy those cars hand in hand.

Few of the selected models that I have seen and that have fetched huge amounts are dollars to the one that owns them are listed below:

I am mentioning only three of them, as the list is huge. These are the one that I have seen people search for all over the Internet to make them a part of their collection.

Rear-Loading Beach Bomb (Pink)

This prototype has been in the possession of a Mattel employee for years and has been unanimously regarded as the most collectible cars by collectors and toy experts out there. It is unique because its surfboard loads through rear windows. This was too narrow and heavy and hence was replaced by a newer version of the car that features full-length plastic sunroof and side-mounted surfboard. The scarcity of this car can be known by the fact that only two pink version is known to exist

Over Chrome Mustang

The reason for it being rare is that this Over Chrome Mustang was made for the sole purpose of advertisement and was meant for internal purpose only. It was never sold. A classic and a collectible piece undoubtedly.

Over Chrome Camaro 

This antifreeze-over-chrome-finish Camaro was again meant for advertising purpose and was never put into production. The way of manufacturing resembles the way Christmas ornaments are produced. As of now, 20 Hot Wheels car are known to exist and hence this made it collectible.

I always wonder when I see people putting a query “Sell My Hot Wheels” over the Internet. You will find plenty of crazy collectors out there in the market who will spare any amount for making these cars a part of their collection.

But one thing I would like to mention here is that don’t dare to go for restoration. The collectors want the piece as it is. Any kind of restoration degrades the value and you will end up losing a lot.

I hope my write up will help !!!


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