Top 5 Preparation Tricks for Microsoft 70-742 Test, Including Brief Overview of Exam Dumps from PrepAway


Microsoft 70-742 is intended for the specialists who operate identities with the use of functionalities in Windows Server 2016. By passing this exam, you validate the skills and knowledge required for installing, managing, maintaining, and configuring Active Directory Domain Services. You also demonstrate the skills needed to implement GPOs. It is very important that you are conversant with the management and implementation of Web Application Proxy, AD Rights Management Services, AD Certificate Services, and AD Federations Services while preparing for this certification test.

General Overview of Microsoft 70-742 Exam

Microsoft 70-742 is available in English, German, Spanish, Chinese (Traditional or Simplified), French, Portuguese (Brazil), and Japanese. To take it, you are required to pay the fee of$165. It is applicable to the candidates in the United States and may differ in other countries. The students from other regions should check the exam webpage to find the exact fee that is applicable in their location. Suffice to mention that the 70-742 test counts as credit towards the achievement of the MCSA Pass Exams credential. The exam comes with 40-60 questions and a time limit of 120 minutes.

Preparation Process for Microsoft 70-742 Exam

First of all, it is essential to mention that the MCSA certification is a great addition to your resume. It positions you on the right track towards achieving your career goals. This means you have to give the test all it takes to be able to obtain your certificate without any issue. In this guide, we will explore the tips for effective preparation that guarantees your success. Let’s get right into them.

  • Get a study guide

Preparing for Microsoft 70-742 requires that you get some study materials and one of them should be a study guide. It takes you through an in-depth analysis of the exam topics. In other words, it breaks down every component of the objectives into understandable bits that you can easily grab. Talking about the subjects, this is the scope of content you need to cover prior to taking any certification test. For Microsoft 70-742, the topic areas that you need to study are highlighted below:

  • Creating and Managing Group Policy;
  • Installing and Configuring AD DS;
  • Implementing Identity Federation & Access Solutions;
  • Managing and Maintaining AD DS;
  • Implementing AD CS.

The official study guide will give you an extensive explanation of each of these objectives.

  • Take a training course

In addition to using the study guide, it is highly recommended that you go through a training course for the Microsoft 70-742 exam. With this, you can have effective learning and you can know everything you need from the IT experts in the industry. When choosing a resource platform to take a course, you have to stick with reputable websites such as PrepAway. This online site has various tools that you can use for your preparation. The training course has been designed by qualified professionals, and its goal is to prepare you for exam success at your first attempt. You can also take some free online courses VISIT .

  • Use prep materials from the Microsoft Virtual Academy

The MVA is the official platform with prep resources for any Microsoft tests. You can find loads of tools to prepare for Microsoft 70-742 on this site. There are introductory videos to the exam as well as video tutorials that equip you with the skills and knowledge that you need to ace your test. It also has numerous links to other platforms where you can access helpful study materials for your preparation. You have to make the best of the Microsoft Virtual Academy while preparing because you can get some exceptional free resources that will be of significant help for you.

  • Join a Microsoft forum

There are different online communities of the applicants for different certification tests. Locate a forum for Microsoft 70-742 and join the group. You will be surprised at the wealth of information you can access from such a forum. You will learn from others and clarify your assumptions about specific aspects of the exam content.

  • Take practice tests

The only way you can evaluate your knowledge level on the content is by taking mock tests. They have been designed to replicate the formats and patterns that you will come across in the real exam. By taking one, you can build confidence in your knowledge and test-taking skills. You will also have a clear idea of how much you have covered and how far you still need to go during your studies. You can find some of these materials on the PrepAway site. In addition to this, you can also access braindumps that have been verified and validated by the seasoned experts in the industry.

important information About Exam Dumps

There are mixed opinions when it comes to using braindumps for your preparation. Some believe it is absolutely wrong while others think that it is the best way to prepare. Well, the fact is that exam dumps alone may not be all you need to obtain and sustain your certificate. No doubt, when you use relevant and up-to-date braindumps, you can pass your test. But when you actually earn the credential, it will be almost impossible to prove your competence. This is where detailed learning comes in. By studying with different prep resources, you are not only preparing for your exam but also developing a capacity to function in your job role. This means that dumps should only be used as a supplement for your preparation and not a sole tool.


To excel in any certification exam, you require adequate preparation. The great news is that you have every resource that you need to pass your Microsoft 70-742 right at your fingertips. You don’t need to leave the comfort of your home to access the best study materials. Right on your devices, you can connect to the Internet and study on the go. Take advantage of the various prep tools and ace your test at the first attempt.