Hookah smoking for beginners – All you need to know

It is really important for the beginners to learn about modern hookahs as these products have advanced a lot and these are not the same as they were a couple of years ago. In past, there were only a few brands which produced hookah, its components, and the flavors. It was really an easy task to pick a hookah for the people but now it is a real daunting task to pick the right option. Currently, there are a great number of quality suppliers which are producing hookahs and their flavors and if you are taking your start as a hookah consumer, you are required to be aware of a lot of things before you take a good decision.


Normally people start with a café or a hookah lounge and eventually they want to buy a personalized sheesha for their home or offices. It is a great way to enjoy smoking because not everyone has enough time to visit cafes and sheesha lounges on a regular basis. If you are facing the same issueand are looking to buy a product of your own, you should know the modern Buy Shisha (Shisha Kaufen) available in the market and the best way of selecting the right product. Some people rely on the advice from friends and family regarding hookah and shisha, however you will see that these advices are so confusing that you would never reach a conclusion regarding the sheesha you should buy or the things you should do to make it a valuable experience. In this article, we have tried conveying to the point and useful piece of information which will help you make a good decision.


Start from the basics:

When you are initiating to have a smoking experience, you should not take an awfully expensive and complicated shisha. In fact, you should start with a basic Hookah Kaufen version which has a stem with a tray and a glass base. The stem must not be very lengthy, and it should be medium to small. You might be interested to buy a beautiful looking shisha but in the start, you should go with a normal one because there are more chances that you will damage it and you would be buying another soon! Therefore, always invest a normal amount in your first hookah and gradually increase the money to buy a more elegant and good shisha.

Additional considerations:

Following are some additional considerations which you must keep in your mind if you are a newbie and you are smoking hookah for the vert first time.


  • You can pick a traditional or a plastic disposable hose depending on your preferences. Most people are not comfortable of smoking from the same hose and therefore the best choice for such people is to use disposable hose which are made from light plastic materials.
  • In the beginning, you should take a start with clay bowl which can take up to thirty grams of tobacco
  • If you like hard smoke and want your hookah to stay fresh for a longer period of time, you should use coconut coals