Top Advantages of Using Employee Recognition Software

Successful business owners know that the lifeblood of any organisation is its employees. As such, serious effort should be exerted to ensure that they are content and happy since numerous studies show that these positive feelings translate to high morale, productivity, and creativity. 

One of the best, yet undervalued, ways to ensure employee satisfaction is by ensuring that their work and contributions are publicly acknowledged and recognised. Employee recognition should be embedded in the company culture and not just an afterthought. 

If you want your company to have an efficient and effective process of rewarding your employees, you should invest in employee recognition software like Redii. This business solution provides numerous advantages that you cannot experience in a paper-based employee recognition program, such as the following:

Streamlines the Recognition Process

In a manual system, the process of awarding and rewarding employees is usually tedious and time-consuming. Before a winner is selected, the human resource department needs to solicit nominations from different department managers, prepare the necessary documentation, and hand them to the group tasked to choose the top performers. More time for analysis and follow-up then follows until the winners are decided.  

With employee recognition software, the team tasked to handle the program can readily identify top performers more objectively and conveniently. The technology is capable of monitoring individual work performances based on your company workflows. It can also analyse voluminous data, thereby simplifying the complicated process of identifying noteworthy employees.

Improves Visibility

Recognising employees the traditional way means handing out plaques or certificates to the best personnel during a company event. Once the ceremony is done, nobody remembers what happened, apart from those who received the awards. 

This issue can be addressed by employee recognition software like Redii since this technology can be linked to social feeds and your organisation’s intranet. Employees who received recognition for their outstanding contributions can be known to everyone in the organisation regardless of their location. 

Provides Valuable Insights

Under the traditional paper-based recognition method, it takes time and individual attention to discover if the employee recognition program is effective, impactful, and worth the money. Your HR team needs to devote time, energy, and resources to do surveys, examine data and carry out a cost-benefit analysis before you can get the information.

With the use of recognition technology, however, information is readily available with just a few clicks. You can find out how much is being spent to run the program, who are the people recognised in specific periods, which departments are not actively participating, and other insights without asking your staff for assistance. Only a technology-based solution can provide inputs in real-time so that you can make the necessary adjustments as soon as they are needed.

Keeps Everyone Connected

Using Redii means all employees know what is happening in the organisation, especially in terms of recognition. Access to real-time information regardless of location is particularly important for personnel who work from home or those in different business locations apart from the central office.

The technology allows co-workers to be connected even if they are not in proximity to one another. They get to celebrate victories and encourage each other. When this happens, positive relationships develop, which can help improve their work efficiency and engagement.

Given the benefits mentioned above, it is clear that employee recognition software like Redii can help you build a stronger connection to your employees and create the company culture you always envisioned. It is important to note that this technology can be customised to accommodate and enhance the value of your existing recognition program.