The beneficial factors of weed products are revealing and they are becoming widely popular. You can easily find a weed delivery Vancouver company for your weed needs. Cannabis products are in wide varieties and everyone would help you and affect you in different ways. So, it is necessary to know the types of species out there that are converted into different weed products. In this article, let us discuss some of the vital species of cannabis plants to know before choosing one for consumption in brief.


Cannabis Indica – You can find these cannabis indica plants in the mountains of southeast Asia, especially in Afghanistan which is the origin of the species. These plants would be smaller and the stems would not even grow for a few feet. However, the plants could help you in gaining physical relaxation and other effects on your body. The plant contains a lot of CBD content and hence, you can get the benefits of CBD than the benefits of THC. So, you will not get that high feeling after consuming indica plants. However, CBD and THC will be in decent proportions along with other constituents. You can find that indica plants grow faster than other varieties of parental cannabis. Indica plants are commonly used for pain relief and nausea. As it would provide you physical relaxation, you can consume it in the nighttime.


Cannabis Sativa – You can find the sativa plants of the cannabis species in the western regions of the world like Mexico and at the center of Africa also. These plants would differ from indica plants in both physique and benefits. For instance, the sativa plants would be taller and the stem would be lengthier. The THC content of these plants would be very high compared to the CBD content. So, you could not expect the health benefits of CBD but can enjoy the mental relaxation and the high feeling provided by the THC-dominant plants. You can also reduce your stress levels and anxiety by consuming these plants. It is better to use these plants in your daytime. The only disadvantage of sativa plants is that they would take so much time to get matured.


Hybrid – You could not expect the cannabis world alone not to fall under the process of hybridization. Several plants are produced manually by mixing the parental species that have combinational effects. These plants are known as hybrid strains of cannabis. Hybrid plants do not have a place of origin. But these plants are grown by people on their farms or greenhouses. The shape and size of the plants would depend on the parental plants that get to be mixed. You can find a difference in the THC and CBD levels of the hybrid plants. According to the benefit the grower is aiming for, these levels would differ. If the THC level is high, you can say that the plant is Indica-dominant. Otherwise, it would be sativa-dominant.



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