Top 3 Best Sports Streaming websites in 2022

Like you and me there are lots of people in this world who love watching sports but unfortunately for everyone it is not possible to watch their favorite sport on TV. Some of them may want to watch it on their smartphones, iPads or even desktops.

But when it comes to watching sports on the internet, we can’t easily find a reliable website where we can enjoy our favorite sport online. So here I’m going to list the top 3 best sports streaming sites in 2022. Using these sites, one can easily watch their favorite Sports match without spending a single penny. So here we go:

Top 3 Best Sports Streaming Sites

I have made a list of best sports streaming sites that I use and where you can stream your favorite matches free.


Firstly, I use WatchESPN and it is one of the best and very popular streaming sites available. As we know ESPN ranks in one of the top sports TV channels. And thus the best part of the site is that almost every sport from every place can be streamed.

Addition to that site works flawlessly on both smartphones as well as desktop computers with an HD viewing experience. Lastly, the site is free to use but the only con about the site is that it is not available in the United States, but you can always use a VPN to bypass your ISP and connect to the site

Up next, I use, It is one of the biggest and my personal favorite sports streaming site. In this, we can stream every sport and on the homepage, we can also see available live matches, and info like sports names, player’s details, etc. The viewing experience is in HD on this too but this site survives by showing advertisement so please disable AdBlock before accessing.

3.VIP League

Lastly, I use VIP League. You all be guessing that this is a paid site by its name but don’t worry it is free of cost and probably one of the best free sports streaming sites out there. The best part of this site is that it is the only site that has an option to change themes so if the interface doesn’t look good to you, you can always change it to what you like. The only con is that it is blocked in some countries but you can always use a VPN to connect.

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So folks above are the list of top 3 best sports streaming sites in 2022 which are completely free to use. If you are unable to connect to any, try using a VPN.

Also, make sure you don’t share any personal or important info or buying a paid subscription as these sites are completely free to use. If you still have to face any issues then feel free to comment below.