Tips to following in WoW Classic

Ignore the professions

This is why it makes sense to ignore: Professions, especially manufacturing professions, cost a lot of time and you have to put in a lot of effort to increase them. This is a lot of hours, especially in the level phase, when you can’t kill anything or get any other kind of XP.

In Classic, making items takes a lot longer and can’t be sped up by magic enchantments as it is in Battle for Azeroth. For that reason alone, you should ignore them for now.

The same also applies to collective professions. Collecting items takes longer, sometimes has to be done several times, and can fail. So you sometimes sit on just one flower for several seconds instead of killing two wolves.

Don’t I need the jobs? In principle, professions are also important. However, there are a few reasons to ignore them when leveling:

  • You can still “draw” them at level 60
  • Most of it can be bought by other artisans – just grind and buy what you need
  • During leveling, you usually have little advantage of walking around with manufactured items for a long time.

However, if you still want to make great things at level 60 and already complete some crafting quests on the way there, you must be aware that professions will take up a good part of the level time and slow it down.

Plan your dungeon courses correctly

How do I plan correctly? Dungeons can give you a huge chunk of experience if you defeat them. They also take a lot of time. You should, therefore, make sure that you first collect all available dungeon quests so that you can complete them in one pass.

Therefore, plan your dungeon runs so that you start them as soon as all quests are in the quest log. Ideally, do not interrupt your level route to find group members. First, put the group together and then go to the dungeon. This saves you waiting time.

You should also pay attention to this: Some things are particularly important to note during the dungeon runs.

First, the preparation. You should start with enough water, bread and, if necessary, ammunition, because filling up on the way is difficult and takes a long time.

Second, you should not enter a dungeon if your equipment or level is insufficient. You will only need longer and may not even come to the end. Better be a little stronger and get through together faster than “let yourself go”.

Third, stay in the group if things went well. If you and your colleagues got through the dungeon quickly and smoothly, just run through it again. This saves you time in the group search and the journey and picks up Loot, who helps you for a few steps.

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Plan the return to the city

Why do I have to go to the city? Visits to a larger city cannot be avoided when leveling in Classic. Here you can stock up on new supplies, sell excess items, or learn new skills.

So that you don’t have to go back all the time, you can plan in advance when a return is worthwhile.

When should I go back? Ideally, think about this in advance to return. Some important points are:

  • Do I change the area anyway? Then a stopover is possible.
  • Do I have the flight point? Then the return journey is less difficult.
  • Are there any new spells that I urgently need? Then I should go to the teacher.
  • Are my bags full or do I need something from the auction house? Then I can link that.

If you connect some of these points together, you should be able to keep the visits as short as possible. It is also best to plan how much gold and silver you need for new skills so that you can learn everything you need immediately.

Choosing the “right” classes and breeds

Why is the choice important? There are several reasons why you should think about what you want to play and why. Some classes are faster than others when leveling, some races are more suitable for certain endgame activities.

The most important thing is, of course, that you play what you enjoy. But if you want to be particularly fast, you may have to change something when choosing your character or at least play with other talents than you actually want them to have later. The breed-class combination can also be important.

These classes and races are worthwhile: There are major differences in the races, especially at the beginning of the game. The starting areas of some peoples are simply fuller. If you play less popular races like the undead or night elves, you are faster at the beginning.

Last but not the least Save!

Why should I save? Gold is a very important factor for fast leveling in WoW Classic and much more important than in the retail version. When leveling you need gold for three things:

  • Mounts
  • Catering (and ammunition)
  • Skills

If you always have an eye on how much gold you need for what, you do not run the risk of having to grind unnecessarily. It is best to always keep as much in the bag as you need the next time you visit the city.

This is how you handle gold properly: Again, planning helps you the most. Save yourself the gold for the things you really need to move faster, like the first mount. If you buy this directly at level 40, the journey will be much faster afterward.

You should also choose skills wisely. Buy only those you urgently need and save the gold otherwise. The same applies to equipment. You can bargain at the auction house, but it is often not worth spending the gold on a new weapon.