Tips for Giving Your Living Room a Complete Reset

Think back to your old days, back when you were first looking for those Memphis houses for sale, did the work of finding one, and then moved in, thrilled to be living in the great state of Tennessee. There’s a lot to do and see in the state, of course, from Memphis’s Graceland to the country oasis of Nashville.

But there’s one thing around here that’s gotten a little old and stale: yep, it’s that living room of yours. When did that become so outdated? When did you realize you actually don’t like spending time there anymore?

If you can’t remember these answers, it’s probably time for a new beginning. Everybody needs a little remodel once in a while. So, here are three tips for giving your living room a complete reset.


Living rooms are supposed to be comfortable, and that’s why we’re tackling carpeting first. Now, many people like the hardwood look, particularly if accented with a few area rugs. We’re saying that a living room can be so much more inviting with a nice, new, plush carpet. Something you sink into when you stand on it. A new carpet can really make all the difference, either to give the room a new color or just to make it look more modern.


Everyone suggests paint, and for good reason. Paint has so much more power than you might think. Paint can decide your mood when you enter a room. It can be inviting or repulsive. It can make or break house sales sometimes.

So, trust us: people care about paint, and you should, too. We’d suggest going for a lighter color to open up the room and make you feel better about being in your living room. Something like light blue, yellow, off-white, or something else cheery would do well. Try to accent the new carpeting with the paint so you have a look that really comes together.

Just these new visuals alone should be enough to give you better feelings about your living room.

Rearrange the Furniture

If you have the space to do it, you may also benefit from a complete rearranging of your living room furniture. Looks get old. You may be tired of always having the TV in that corner with your side table over there and your couch where it is.

Moving furniture around into an entirely new pattern can make it seem like you’re in a completely new room, which, with the carpeting and the paint, can really go a long way toward making you think you’re in a different house.

This can be really fun! Giving your living room a reset should be a fulfilling project that makes you think of all the possibilities available to you. Have fun with it, and you’ll be surprised at what you devise for yourself!