Tips for a healthy life

Everyone wishes to stay healthy, happy and fit for as long as possible. With the right lifestyle, you can do a lot yourself. The most important factors are a balanced diet, enough exercise, regular relaxation phases and enough sleep.

Right nutrition

In order to stay healthy, a balanced diet is paramount. At least five servings of fruit and vegetables a day, preferably raw, in all colors and varieties, little meat, lots of vegetable carbohydrates, plenty of legumes, low-fat milk products and little fat – this not only preserves our vital functions, but also strengthens the immune system.

Drink a lot

Ideally water, fruit spritzer or unsweetened herbal or fruit teas. A lack of water damages the human organism: Since water is not only an important part of the body’s cells but also the main component of the blood, the blood can no longer flow properly if we drink too little.

The entire body is poorly cared for, brain performance and concentration decrease. The German Nutrition Society recommends that adults consume at least two liters of liquid a day. Warning: alcohol is not included and does more harm than good for the body.

Regular exercise

Sport is good for body and soul and the best way to get your body in shape and your organism going. Exercise helps strengthen the body’s defenses, reduces stress symptoms and prevents cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity and osteoporosis. And: it’s never too late to start doing sports. Even those who only start in old age benefit from the positive effects.

Fresh air and light

Oxygen awakens the spirits and mobilizes the immune system. For this reason, you should go outdoors every day. In addition to the fresh air, you also fill up with light, which improves the mood. In daylight, the nerve messenger serotonin is released, which brightens the mood. In addition, light is important for the production of vitamin D and is essential for strong bones.

Take time out from everyday life

Stress, hectic pace and psychological stress drain on resistance, which in turn can lead to serious mental and physical illnesses. The rule here is: shift down a gear and treat yourself to time-out from your stressful everyday life. Relaxation techniques such as autogenic training or yoga can help you to find balance and serenity again.

Enough sleep

Sleep is a basic need that we have to satisfy as regularly as eating and drinking. It is an indispensable livelihood and the prerequisite for development, well-being and health. The immune system, digestion, the cardiovascular system, the nervous system and the brain need sleep to regenerate.

Love and be loved

Whether you like it or not: everyone is involved in a network of relationships. The success of interpersonal relationships is an important factor for the quality of life, mental and physical health.

Living and fulfilling relationships – these begin with a healthy relationship with yourself and with life. People who live in happy relationships enjoy life more and are happier, which also affects health. And don’t forget, sex also contributes to well-being!