Top Nine Benefits of Restumping Your House

If you have a house built in a region prone to floods or a house on stumps, then you should be well aware of their top enemy, which is moisture. Moisture can be terrible, especially for homes built on wood stumps. Several old houses were erected on wood stumps, which can be very tough, but with age, even wood can weaken if they are exposed to harmful pests and moisture.

That’s why you need to have your house restumped to ensure you are safe from any looming catastrophes that can ruin your home and leave your family exposed to danger.

Here are some benefits of restumping Melbourne

Understand What’s Happening Underneath Your House

It is always said what you don’t know couldn’t hurt you, but when you’re dealing with house stumps, you have to see before it becomes a significant problem.

You might be dealing with your day to day projects without knowing what’s going on below your house. Things could be in a terrible state, and you might not know unless you check. House stumps could look sharp on the outside, but inside the wood could be weakening rapidly due to water or harmful pests. That’s why it is vital to understand what you need to know about the house stumps. Having your house restumped is the best approach to evaluate the condition of your stumps and relax knowing that you know what is happening.

Keep Dry Rot Away

Dry rot is likely to be evident in old houses that have aged sitting on old wooden stumps. Also, the dry rot is expected to trickle through to the main house affecting the entire house. Today, we have unique materials manufactured to prevent dry rot from appearing whenever houses are restumped. Before technology wasn’t there, so not many people knew what to do when it looked. Before your home is restumped, you have the option of selecting either concrete, galvanized steel, or fresh hardwood. Galvanized steel is more preferred because it is more robust and protects your house from dry rot. During restumping, you may have the opportunity to evaluate any form of decay that has made its way to the house and act quickly.

Increase Space

A crucial advantage of restumping your home is the opportunity of increasing rooms. Your family might have grown, and sometimes houses might feel small, but adding rooms in your house can allow everyone to have space without anyone feeling like their privacy is being invaded.

Protect Your Property

The most heartbreaking experience for flood victims is when they lose their most important personal belongings or memorabilia to exposure to water. House restumping offers you the chance to protect your valuable items.

Increases the Value of Your Home

If you are considering selling your house in the future or if you’re repairing with reselling in mind, then restumping your house is one factor that will increase value to your home. Your house will be attractive to potential homebuyers.

Most potential homeowners will be looking at the maintenance of the house and what has been repaired that might not cause problems in the future. Installing fresh stumps will immediately increase the value of your home, which could also allow you to push further for a better price when it’s on sale.

Prevents Danger

If your home is made on timber stumps, then you have to bear in mind that timber decays as it ages. If the house is on decaying stumps, then you might be in danger. So, to make sure your home is in safe surroundings and your lifestyle is not disrupted, it is best you do your homework and hire the best experts in town to restump your home. The professionals will take care of the whole process so that you can get back to living your best life.

Prevents House Damage

If you have a floor that is not leveled, it means even your windows and doors are skewed. Hence, the damage will occur to the windows, doors, and their function. The security of the house will be at risk. Having repaired the stumps of your home will offer solutions to most problems, and you will be back to living a good life.

New Stumps are Durable

Older homes get weaker with age, and their stumps can be dangerous to the people living in their homes. Restumping will strengthen the house foundation and make it level. The advantage of new stumps is that they offer protection from harmful insects and dry rot. That’s why you need to restump today to protect your house for many years to come.