Live long and healthy: With these 8 tips it will work

We have collected 8 great tips that can help you live a long and healthy life.

1. A positive attitude

It’s about optimism. Sometimes it just snags. We see problems everywhere. Feel fear and doubt. And feel totally powerless in the face of all the difficulties of the day.

But nothing is as huge and indomitable as it sometimes seems. A positive attitude helps to overcome the challenges. And to look at the good sides after each experience :).

2. Drink a lot and live healthy

Of course, it is super important to drink a lot. Because water flushes out toxins. It helps the blood to circulate better in our bodies. And has an immense part in the fact that we remain efficient and able to concentrate.

3. Healthy selfishness

Do you always want to make everyone else happy? And at the end of the day are you missing out? Not a good idea. Because you can only be a good friend, daughter, mom or partner if you are satisfied and happy.

So sometimes say no. And just take some time for yourself. So you can recharge your batteries. That makes us balanced and happy. And with that you can be a much better all-rounder again. 🙂

4. Live with a pet

No matter if you like cats or dogs. Find horses great or are completely fond of a parrot. Many studies say that animals are wonderful beings that have a tremendous impact on our psyche. Among other things, an international medical team from the American Heart Association (AHA).

Because they help us reduce stress and feel joy. We learn down-to-earthiness and gratitude through animals. We pay attention and get unconditional love and loyalty.

5. Live out hobbies for more fulfillment

Are you one of those people who regularly break a sweat when asked about their hobbies? Our interests are often lost in everyday life. Until we completely forget what actually inspires us.

Therefore everyone should look for a hobby. No matter if running group or chess club. Photography, samba, or a book club. Follow your passions and connect with like-minded people.

6. Live healthy – eat “green”

Nutrition is a very important part of a healthy life. Therefore, you should make sure that you always consume enough important nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

Chlorophyll has a particularly great impact on our health. It detoxifies, purifies the blood. Prevents cancer and dementia. Reach for green vegetables, herbs and sprouts as often as possible.

7. Stay or become smoke-free

Everyone should be aware that cigarettes are the ultimate boss of health. Cancer risk is not the only increase. There is also a greater likelihood of having a heart attack or developing cardiovascular diseases.

The skin also becomes pale and the teeth become discolored. And dependency has no great effects on the psyche either. There are countless reasons to never smoke. Or stop now at the latest!

8. Cultivate friendships

Living healthy also means having a good social environment. This is absolutely elementary for mental health. It is not about keeping countless contacts, even if there has been no common ground for years.