an Best Franchise Company in India: A Business Model That Increases Profits and Customer Satisfaction!

There are many business models around the world that have achieved remarkable successes and there are other models that unfortunately died before they were even born. But what is certain is that the Internet is the master of the issue these days, and any business model that relies on it is scalable and has a special “investment” luster in the long run. Indeed, one of the most successful business models in exploiting the Internet is online shopping and theshipmart is certainly a pioneer.

Theshipmart is taking the online delivery Franchise model to a whole other level, by creating a set of rules and mechanisms that make Shipmart much more than just a “shipping franchise”.

In the following lines, we will answer together a question: Why has theshipmart become a leader in online delivery Franchise?

The convenience of the team from the convenience of the client!

At, we believe that team comfort means customer convenience, especially in countries with very strong pressure to buy online; like India.

For this reason, theshipmart requires the investor with it to rent (or own) a workplace ranging in size from 400 to 600 square feet, in order to be suitable for setting up offices dedicated to members of the work team responsible for shipping, accounts and everything that is associated with the world of the workplace from near or far, Next to specifying a specific space for storing orders. Shipmart is the one of the best franchises under 100k.

On the other hand, theshipmart is the best start up idea and is committed to providing everything that the investor needs to make his work at the highest level of quality and professionalism. This starts from the hardware and software belonging to the workplace passing through the workers themselves up to the official training courses that do not make the owner of the workplace just an investor from afar but also encourage him to be a member of the work team itself which helps to strengthen the link between the investor and the team and consequently increases comfort in the workplace.

Profits are guaranteed and everything is calculated 100%.

Of course the customer is the number one for theshipmart but his satisfaction with the product and the entire experience is associated first and foremost with the investor himself, who if he is not able to make a proper profit will liquidate the partnership with theshipmart sooner and head to another investment platform which affects The company’s reputation.

But that’s never the case with theshipmart. It cares about providing the highest profit margin to our investor, which makes him not just an investor, but an official partner.

Shipmart ensures a net profit of Rs 1,75,000/- based on shipping around 400 parcels per day, by five employees, with a profit margin of Rs 30 per parcel. This is after deducting the costs of rent, maintenance, salaries and government utility bills such as electricity, water, etc. To be precise, the gross profit could be up to Rs 3.60 Lac monthly.

But on the other hand, each investor with theshipmart has certain investment dimensions that are determined based on the direct meeting that the team holds with him in the advanced stages of the process of investigating the partnership application, and accordingly his profits may differ from the number mentioned above.

Now, how can you partner with and start a lifetime project?

The matter is very simple in fact, you can enter here and start creating an account and fill in your complete data, then start filling out the terms of the partnership application with theshipmart all of which must be correct as it will communicate with you to set a date for the official interview and its consequences of the training steps and important logistical matters.